Sunday, April 28, 2013

River Monster

So, I get a call on my cell phone from one of my buddies. 
He asks, "Wendy, can you bring a golfcart to pick me up?" 

I thought since it was raining he just didn't want to walk back to his truck. 

Jeremy fishes around the marina on his days off and he has landed some huge catfish. 
Nothing prepared me to see him struggling up a hill with this: 

Of course he had to show off this river monster! 
One of my other coworkers struggled while picking this one up too!

Y'all know I'm not swimming in the water this year...Right?? 
I have this huge thing about fish touching me. Totally disgusting. 
I've seen so many huge catfish pulled out of my favorite swimming areas this year that there is no way I'm going in the water! Ha!

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