Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Taking Care

When I had my son in 2009, I had grand dreams laid out for that sweet child. I envisioned so many things we would do as a family. I daydreamed about the things he would do and the man he would become. Every waking moment was dedicated to this little boy.

As Caleb got older and started getting a lot more active, I began to notice things.

I had a ton of pictures of my husband and little boy doing things together.
I wasn't in a lot of those pictures.
And those that I was in, I was completely disgusted with the way I looked. 

Still I focused on Caleb. As months went by, I noticed more.

I spent more time focused on my son than I was focused on my husband. 
I was really struggling with my health. 
And I spent a lot of time watching my husband and child do things. 

I tuned all of that out. I thought as long as my son was happy, healthy and thriving I was doing my job as a mom.

Turns out, I was absolutely wrong.

I was sitting on the sidelines of our life. I was watching my child grow up. I wasn't participating like my husband got to. Reality started hitting me right in the face.

I was hiding behind a camera. I was hiding behind health problems. I made excuse after excuse as to why I couldn't have a more active, happier role in our family.

I was miserable.

I decided I was done with living an unhealthier, heavier life. I have not looked back because the results far outweigh the effort I have put into this journey.

  • I can play in the tubes of the McDonald's play area. I was the one who showed Caleb how to go through when he was terrified. Yes, I climbed my behind right through them. I would have never tried that before.
  • My husband and I flirt with each other so much more. He compliments everything about me because he knows just how much I have put into this. 
  • I am ten times happier and calmer now. My boys love that about me. :)
  • My husband and I do life together now. My health problems are resolved and I have the confidence to tackle anything with him. 
  • My butt fits on the amusement park rides and swings. My size does not define what I can or cannot do anymore. I am free! 
As a new mom, I was dedicated to my little boy. I forgot about me. I forgot to take care of myself. I forgot to take time to flirt with my sweet husband. I forgot what it was to dress nicely, wear makeup and fix my hair. I forgot every single ounce of confidence I had in myself. I forgot that I had value.

I'm here to tell you, all of that does not come back overnight. My journey isn't just about weight loss. It's so much more than that.

Is Caleb lacking anything? No, not at all. He got a mother who can enjoy life with him. I should have done this sooner.



  1. You look great! What a inspiring story!! =)

  2. You have such an awesome testimony!! And you look great =)

  3. You look great. But most importantly you look happy and healthy! Go you!

  4. Thank you, Jessie! I am so much happier now. It's amazing how bad the extra weight makes you feel. You never realize it until you lose it.

  5. Thanks, Molly! I have definitely fought for it and God has blessed me with the strength to do it.

  6. Thanks, Melissa! If I can help just one person live healthier and not feel like I once did, it was all worth it.

  7. Wow!! You look wonderful and SO happy! What an accomplishment. I love your testimony. Thank you for linking up with us and sharing your story. You're an encouragement to us all!



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