Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Transformation Tuesday

This week has been really exciting! I have officially lost 55.7 pounds. I am 5.8 pounds away from my original goal. That still just seems unreal.

I've noticed some changes lately that have started to sink in...

  • I am eleven pounds lighter than my husband! Even when we dated I wasn't smaller than he was. He has started to put on quite a bit of muscle and he now outweighs me. 
  • I can wear my favorite pair of capris again. I haven't worn them in 6 years. 
  • There was a time that I wanted to finally let go of my much-too-small clothes, but I hesitated. I am so glad that I did. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I just hadn't given up hope of losing the extra weight. 
  • I'm starting to wonder if I may be clothes shopping again anyways. Even though I now have added all my favorite jeans back to my wardrobe since I can fit in them again, they're getting loose. 
  • My favorite jeans can slide off without unbuttoning them. While that's so exciting, I am kinda sad that I haven't gotten to wear them for very long. Never thought I'd say that...
  • Some of my sweet friends have started asking for tips from me. That is so flattering and I am so proud of them for wanting to get healthier too. It totally makes my day! 
  • Some days I still feel like I'm 55 pounds heavier. Some days I still get so down about it when I don't see the scale move in the right direction. I think those things drive me to keep improving. 
  • I read an article last night that made me feel less neurotically obsessed with my scale. I know there are so many people that recommend not weighing every day. I've tried that and it is a nightmare! There has now been a study of weight loss success stories that support weighing every day. 
  • Weighing every day, at the same time, keeps me accountable. I can adjust what's working and what's not quicker. That number is always in my head....when I make the decision to eat a salad over a hamburger...when I pick playing in the yard over watching TV. 
  • I grabbed a pair of jeans out of the dryer to throw on without looking. Got them all the way on and zipped before realizing they were my husband's. Never been able to do that...
  • I learned that I now fit in small areas in the bilge of boats that some of our mechanics cannot get into. Don't ask me how I found that out this week...
  • And I took the picture on the right on Saturday....Comparing it to my "before" pic is kinda awesome! 

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  1. That before and *in-progress* after picture is AWESOME. I literally said "holly crap" when I saw it. Great job and keep up the good work! It has been so fun reading your journey as you travel through it!

  2. Thanks, Bre! I still find myself thinking, "Is this real???" I never thought I'd actually lose the weight. Thank you for following along with my journey. You know it's been a struggle for me and it's encouragement from everyone here that keeps me going a lot of the days!

  3. This is awesome! So impressed. That's a serious amount of hard work, discipline and self-control. You should be super, super proud. Amazing! Thanks for linking up with us.

  4. Great job! You are almost there!

  5. Wow! Good job! Almost to your goal! Amazing

  6. Hi I found your blog threw the oh what a happy day link. Congrats you look great! I really need to get back in to exercising and taking better care of my self.

  7. Sarah (bettycupcakes.com)April 10, 2013 at 11:04 AM

    Way to go, mama!

  8. Dang girl! Your progress pic is amazing! And 55 pounds is quite impressive. You're doing sooo good! And it's so motivating to me! Also, I like to weigh myself every day as well. I feel the same about it too! I like to know each day what I've accomplished, and it helps me make decisions later that day too. Definitely a good thing for me to do, rather than just once a week or something. Keep up the hard work, cuz you're clearly killin' it!

  9. WOW!! keep up the good work girl!!! you are looking great :-)



  10. Thanks, Stephanie!!! I couldn't wait to have that second pic.

  11. I'm so glad someone else "gets it"! I thought I was crazy when all the weight loss bloggers said to weight once a week. I would cry if I put my scale away!

  12. It's so difficult to start. I tried to lose weight over and over before. Try adding one small healthy change to your life. When you get comfortable, add another. If you try to change everything all at once, you just get stressed out!

  13. The last five pounds is the ABSOLUTE hardest!

  14. Everyone in blogland will be hearing it when I get there, sweetie. :)

  15. I'm still kinda in shock that it's actually happening. I've tried so many times to lose it in the past that this time just feels unreal. :) Thanks for the encouragement!



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