Thursday, May 9, 2013


I've been talking to one of my friends about how much we weighed when we had our kids. The day I waltzed into the hospital for my scheduled induction, I weighed 232 pounds. I blamed that weight all on my unborn kid. Truth is, I was chubby before I even got pregnant! Then, I ate anything I wanted, any time I wanted because in my mind it was justified. I thought when I was pregnant I got this "Eat All You Want" pass.

This is the day we found out I was pregnant. 
See? I was already chubby! 

Me and my hubby by the river in Tellico by Wendy Del Signore

And I was absolutely lazy! Date nights were going to the movies, eating a tub of popcorn chased with jalapenos, and drinking the biggest Coke I could get my hands on.

Ryan being goofy in the dressing room at a maternity store!     Mrs. Del Signore

We laughed at my growing size and rejoiced in the fact that we were having a beautiful little boy. 
At the time, I never considered how my weight gain would affect my health. 

Tellico by Wendy Del Signore

As I watched my growing tummy, I seemed to overlook my growing butt! 

37 weeks and 2 days!   Finally Full Term!!! in My Pregnancy by Wendy Del Signore

At my shower, I was so swollen and puffy. I looked horrible! 

Mrs. Del Signore

Foolishly I did not care. I thought since I was breastfeeding all that weight would just come right off. 
Who was I kidding?!?!? 
That totally didn't happen. 

Caleb's First Days by Wendy Del Signore

When we took our sweet boy home from the hospital, I walked out still in the maternity clothes I came in. 
I weighed exactly the same as the day I walked in. 

We're ready to go! in Caleb's First Days by Wendy Del Signore

I still looked pregnant! 

Then I got so wrapped up in that sweet child that I stopped caring about taking care of myself. 
I was in denial still because I thought my body was just being a little stubborn with the whole "weight falling off" thing. 

Me and Dad in a frozen Tellico in January 2010 by Wendy Del Signore

This was two weeks after I had Caleb. I looked bigger than when I left the hospital. 
For some reason I thought my baggy clothes were hiding the extra weight. 
Whatever, right??

I lost a little of my pregnancy weight. 
But not nearly what I thought I would. 

On my child's second birthday, I just knew I had to do something. 
I wasn't as big as the day I walked into the hospital, but I wasn't that far from it. 

From the day I walked into the hospital in 2009 to have my son until today, I have lost 69 pounds. It has been a battle. I have fought, struggled and whined along the way, but I am unashamed to admit it. I fought hard and it hasn't been all that pretty, but I am proud of my progress. 

For those of you paying really close attention and can do a little math, I just publicly announced my current weight. Never in a million years did I dream I'd be brave enough to do so, but I promised to keep it real here.  No, I'm not where I want to be just yet but I can be proud of where I am. A lot of people in real life have told me they cannot believe that I weigh what I do because I carry it well. So if you hung in here for this whole story and a crap-ton of pictures, you get rewarded with my secret! 

And I'm only 3.6 pounds away from my original goal! 



  1. Jessica JudyskiMay 9, 2013 at 8:06 PM

    WOW! I loved this post -- seeing everything from start to finish was incredible. We weigh exactly the same and yes, I can say for sure, you wear it better :) I'm in awe! Congratulations on getting where you are <3

  2. I found your blog on the NSV linkup and started following on google friend connect. Your story is so inspiring! You definitely carry your weight well. I'm jealous!

    Ashley @

  3. Thank you, Ashley! I think carrying my weight well was actually part of the problem when I was bigger. It left me in denial about my weight a lot longer than it should have.

    I'm having a link up on Monday, I hope you will join us!

  4. You are just so sweet, Jessica! Thank you!

    The downside of carrying it well is that even when you weigh a ton, you don't realize how out of hand it has gotten. I have to be very careful with that...

  5. Wow, go you! That's incredible--it must have taken so much work! I'm proud of you, and I don't even know you. Get it, girl!

    Thanks for linking up this week!



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