Sunday, May 12, 2013


Early Saturday morning, I woke Caleb up to go fishing in Tellico. 

Ryan left out extra early to fish the river, so I decided Caleb and I would try to do it ourselves this time.

We took an old dirt road to reach a trout pond. 
Caleb and I found ourselves eating Pop-Tarts and waiting on the fish to bite. 
While we waited, Caleb turned on the charm and made some friends. 
The older men fishing there took Caleb under their wings and let him reel in some pretty large trout! 
We all laughed at how excited he was and how he loved carrying his fish. 
Caleb and I fished for two hours and we enjoyed every moment of it! 

He caught his very first limit of trout! 
They were so heavy he couldn't hold them up. 

I was so proud of him! 
I was also a tad bit proud of myself. I have never been fishing when I had to take the fish off the hook myself. I just plain don't touch fish! Not only did I take hooks out, but I also put them on a stringer. I had fish pee on my foot and blood on my shirt by the time we finished. There's not much I won't do for that child!

The moment we came back, we had to show off our fish. 

I don't think my husband expected us to show up with more than one.
When I told him that I would be taking Caleb fishing he kinda laughed and told me I was a little too prissy. 

Ryan and my dad built a small retaining wall at the cabin. Caleb tried his best to be useful. It never ceases to amaze me at how patient Ryan is with him. 

Once the wall was built it was time to fill the area with gravel. Caleb actually got to drive the tractor around when all the work was done. 

 I love this child beyond measure. He had brought so much happiness to our lives. I know without a doubt that God had a special plan when he put us two together! This sweet boy has taught me so much about life. Every single day I see more and more of my husband coming out in him. I am so overwhelmed with love for them both. 


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