Friday, May 3, 2013

How They See Me

I take a ton of pictures. My husband laughs at me every time we go somewhere. I'm just never without my camera or my iPhone. I adore my child and I want to capture all his crazy moments. 

I was always so embarrassed every time I saw the pictures of Caleb and me. At the time I honestly felt like I was ruining every picture with my family. 

Now I'm kinda glad I have them. They show my battle. They show my struggles and my heartbreak. They are the reminder. I so desperately want to take care of myself because I don't want to feel like that again. They are my motivation. They are also my reward now. I can see the proof and there's nothing small about it!

Same spot, three years ago, at a local park. 

Several times I have asked my husband why he didn't say something. 

He keeps telling me that he never realized things had gotten that bad. 

Bless his heart, I just love that man. He has loved me completely through each and every size. He loves me for me and I find that unbelievably special. 

Ryan and I were comparing pictures one evening. Caleb leaned over and saw this picture...

He asked, "Mama, who is that woman???"

When I explained that was his very own mother holding his cousin, he actually argued with me. My own child did not recognize his mama. 

I'm so happy that this is how he "knows" me. 

And yes, I seriously cried. 


  1. Wow -- I find this so inspiring. You look fantastic and years younger than the before pictures... it's incredible!

  2. This is such a great post! I am so thankful you shared this story and the pictures! What an inspiration for me and something to look forward to when I am further along in my weight loss journey!

  3. Wow! You look amazing! I write on my blog all the time about how much I want to be in pictures with my children. I stay out of them and have practically nothing to look back on. I want to change that so badly!

    Great job on your success!

  4. Thank you! I struggled with that for far too long. Caleb is my one and only child. I want to be an active part of his life instead of just holding the camera. It took me two whole years of his life before it depressed me enough to do something about it. I just ugly cried over his second birthday pictures!

  5. Thank you! Your biggest motivation is your before pictures. I believe everyone should take them when starting to lose weight. There have been so many times that the scale just has not moved. I look back on those and realize I had to keep going. If you blog about your journey, will you link up with us on Monday?

  6. I feel so much younger now! I did a fit test and my estimated age was 42 when I was bigger! I honestly felt, acted, and dressed that age.

  7. What a fun NSV! Before and after pictures to compare are the best! But your kid not even recognizing you is even better!

  8. This is beautiful, honestly thank you for sharing! You look awesome and I think having those pictures is good. I know I"m guilty of not wanting to be in pictures myself.

  9. I think you're amazing and it shows- not just because of the weight loss, but because you shine!



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