Thursday, May 2, 2013

It Works Body Wrap #3 Results

I'm still wrapping along here using the It Works Body Wraps
I've passed the 72 hour full results mark for my third wrap and I am still thrilled with the progress!

The third wrap seems to leave me with more front definition throughout my midsection instead of changing a lot more from the side views this time. 

The left side pictures are before my third It Works Body Wrap and the right side are 72 hours after the third It Works Body Wrap

Now that I have several wraps done, I want to show a timeline comparison of my progress. 
On the far left are my midsection pictures before using any It Works products. The next picture is 72 hours after my first It Works Body Wrap. Then I have the 72 hours after my second wrap. And finally are the 72 hours after my third It Works Body Wrap pictures. 

Definitely a big change, right?!?
Ryan and I were watching TV together a couple of nights ago. He started trying to get more comfortable and I asked him if he was okay. He replied, "Your bones are sticking into my arm." We've never had that issue before! I promise I was cheesin'! 

So I measured as well and I have my final third It Works Body Wrap results:
1" from my belly button
1/2" from two inches above my belly button
and 1/2" from two inches below my belly button

So that's two more inches!
I've lost a total of 13 inches from my midsection since I began using It Works Body Wraps!

It doesn't get much better than that. 
Did I mention how easy it was? 
I'm not killing myself in the gym for hours to achieve this. 
Nope, I'm sitting in my favorite recliner, drinking water, and watching my favorite shows for two hours. 

If you've been following along, you know the drill by now. 
This is where I tell you that Sheri can also help you do this too!

Find her at Cali Girls Body Wraps!


Friends, we're approaching summer quickly. Do you want flab when you're by the pool, on a boat or sitting on the beach? Yeah, me neither! What are you waiting for???

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