Monday, May 20, 2013

Motivation Monday #2

Good Monday morning!

Let us start off by saying how amazing the first Motivation Monday was!
There were 285 people reading all of the amazing stories shared on the link up!
We honestly had some fabulous ladies link up with us. 


If you link up with us, please help us spread the word by sharing our button above! 
Since we're still growing just a bit, we decided to each pick one person that linked up. 
Head over to CeCe is Me to see her pick today! 
There were so many fabulous ladies that linked up with us that I really struggled to pick one. 
Do you realize how amazing you all are?? I am just blown away at your determination, perseverance, and amazing accomplishments. Just in awe, friends....
I wanted to share Dani at That Fitness Chic with you today. 
She's gone from this:
to this:
Seriously, how amazing is she???
Please stop by her blog to see her story and I promise you will just love her! 
So, let's see some more inspirational stories and advice.....


  1. Dani is fabulous! Linking up with you this week. Looking forward to reading all of the great blogs.
    Happy Monday!
    Lulu and Daisy

    1. I just fell in love with Dani's blog! Thanks for linking up too!

  2. Hey girl! I tried responding to your comment but you are set to no reply blogger- just fyi! Is this a series you are running weekly? I don't have time to put together another post today but I will definitely link up next week and encourage others to do the same! Thanks for the comment love lady! LOVE this idea :)

    1. I think I might have fixed it! Thank you, hun!

      Yes, this link up is weekly. But you can link up anything inspirational and I'm pretty sure every one of your posts are inspirational!



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