Monday, May 27, 2013

Motivation Monday #3

I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend! 
Stay safe out there and try not to be too harsh on your bodies you've worked so hard for! 

My tips today are completely summer holiday related!

  1. Lay off the greasy foods! Your body will thank you for it! 
  2. Don't forget to stay hydrated! Drink your water! 
  3. Be extra careful with the alcohol. Don't drink all your calories! 
  4. Snack on some healthy protein and drink a glass of water before heading out to a big cookout!
  5. Don't be afraid to bring a veggie tray and some fruit with you when you hang out with friends and family. 
  6. Have fun! Get active and play. You'll burn calories whether you play out in the yard, ski behind a boat, or dance with your friends!

This week I want to feature the lovely Laurie of Lulu and Daisy! Last week she linked up with us and I just really found her post encouraging.

Lulu and Daisy

Laurie wrote:

"As humans trying to become healthy, lose weight, whatever, we never give ourselves enough credit when we do something positive.  We tend to focus on the fact that we only made it to the gym once this week, or that we ate a huge brownie for dessert last night.  Everything we do to better ourselves counts.  Every slip-up makes us human.  We forget that life happens.  Life gets in the way.  We do the very best we can to put our health and well-being first, but the fact is, life happens.  Don't beat yourself up over the small stuff.  The important thing is to keep going and not give up.  No one ever said anything worth having would be easy.

I think the reason people quit is because they beat themselves up over having a bad day or a bad week.  I think the greatest thing that I have learned THIS time is that it's okay to not be perfect.  My relationship with food has changed and so have I.  I didn't gain 60 pounds in a few took years.  I can't expect it to drop off by July 4th, and I know that it won't."
Image Via

For some reason, the whole "it's okay to not be perfect" just really got me. I think so many women do get discouraged when they have an off day. 

Let's see what everyone else does to stay motivated this week! 



  1. Thank you, Wendy! I slept in today (I knew I would) and wrote my new post last night. Just got up and linked up. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks for linking up! I just love your blog!



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