Monday, May 6, 2013

Motivation Monday

I am beyond thrilled to share something near and dear to my heart today. 

I started documenting my weight loss progress a year and a half ago. When I first began, I wanted to share my struggles and hopefully inspire someone else to feel healthier. Never in a million years would I believe several people would actually want to read about it and share my story all over the internet. I have had so many people pulling for and cheering me on. It's just unreal. 

Since I've had the greatest motivation through this blog, I want to help others who are making healthier decision in their own lives. 

CeCe of CeCe Is Me and I want to bring all of our weight loss bloggers together now to offer support, motivation and any kind of inspiration we can. 

But we're gonna need your help!

Every Monday, you will find us here with a link up. 
Whatever you've got, bring it!

We're searching for weight loss stories, progress updates, healthy recipes, great tips...
If it's weight loss/fitness/health anything, we want it here!

Don't have a blog? 

That's okay too! 
Comment your health or weight loss tip for the week in our comment section!
Share your successes there too. 
You can also "Like" my blog's Facebook page and share your successes there as well. 

We want to see a community of people come together to cheer each other on and make new friends while we make ourselves healthier. 

When do we start this awesome link party? 

Actually, we're going to start next Monday, May 13th! 
Bring us your most recent posts and tips. 
Help us spread the word by sharing our Motivation Monday button. 

We will see you next week! 


****** Find the first Motivation Monday Link Up HERE!!! ******


  1. Wendy this is a great idea! I can't wait to link up with your guys! Everyone can always use a little support and motivation!

  2. I am so excited you are going to link up! I hope you'll share the link up too so we can inspire others as well. I look forward to seeing your post!



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