Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Diet

I've been asked a lot about what I'm eating or what I'm not eating. Well, that's pretty easy! My breakfast meal keeps me full so I don't change it up very often.

I eat Greek yogurt and I love it! I switch up flavors and brands often so I don't get bored. I try to squeeze in a lot of protein to kick start my day. I need to feel full and keep my energy up. I also have a protein/fiber cereal bar. For breakfast I range between 250-380 calories. 

I drink a lot of coffee. I use artificial sweetener and milk in it. If I don't space out my coffee throughout the day, I fill up on coffee and don't eat. 

For lunch, I keep it simple. I load up on a big salad. I don't skimp on toppings and I eat until I'm stuffed. I don't use Low Fat or Free dressings. I do small amounts of regular salad dressings. I add a handful of light cheese, croutons, and diced turkey. It's delicious and I don't go hunger. 

Dinner is my big calorie meal. I eat with my guys and I try to fix mostly healthy meals. I don't limit any food groups because Caleb is a growing boy. I simply eat in moderation. 

If I fix Ryan a normal sized plate, I'll grab a smaller one and fill mine too. Your brain ends up thinking you're full on a smaller amount of food. My plate is about the size of one of Caleb's. 

I aim for a healthy protein, lots of veggies and some type of whole grain. 
Our "dessert" is fruit. I am for fortunate that Caleb and Ryan enjoy eating anything. 

So most days I stay around 1200-1400 calories. I eat snacks between meals and I never, ever go hungry. My blood sugar gets all kinds of crazy and I act ugly, so I absolutely cannot skip meals! 

Anything less than 1200 calories puts your body into starvation mode. You may lose some weight initially, but your body will absolutely work against you. It's unhealthy and you will completely sabotage your efforts. Stick with moderation and healthy foods and you will have success. 

Also, keep drinking the water! Half your body weight in ounces every single day. That's the key to making this all work! 

Any questions?? Want me to look at your food plans? 

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