Saturday, May 4, 2013

Panels and Switches

I started Zumba classes this week so that I can finally start to get my booty in shape. Absolutely love it and cannot believe I didn't try it sooner!

While I've spent some time taking care of me, Ryan has made some serious progress on our boat! The panels on the boat that hold our seats in place, house our speakers, and contain our shifter were in really poor condition. The veneer had started to flake away and they just looked so sad.

Ryan carefully scraped the veneer off to discover we had beautiful wood underneath. When Chris Craft made a boat, they certainly didn't skimp on quality. Ryan sanded the wood smooth and stained it. The end result was simply beautiful!

He also removed the knob on the shifter and stained it to match. 
I love that he focuses on these little details.

Our battery switch was in our engine compartment and difficult to access. Ryan relocated it to the cabin and installed it where the stairs will cover it. I am so very fortunate that he does this for a living. He was able to run the wiring to it and make it look so much better.

As Ryan modifies things, I get a chance to clean the little areas he uncovers. I spent a lot of time scrubbing all the old dirt and grime away! Sure, the new steps will soon covers this area. But I know it's done right. 

Our Chris Craft is a long, slow process because we want to make things right. Sure, we could throw things together, but we are really enjoying the transformation of this project. Our boat is classic and we enjoy bringing her back to life. 


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