Thursday, May 16, 2013


So, I have a stalker.

This week, someone mentioned seeing me on a billboard while driving down the road. 
I actually had to check it out myself since I had no idea that I would be put on one!

Ryan and I drove slowly down the highway, watching for it....

I snapped a picture and immediately started laughing! 

I told Ryan, "Honey, I just stalked myself!"

I've been asked why I support EPB and decided to let them film me. 

After the tornado hit the marina, this company went above and beyond to help us out. 
Their crews spent countless hours helping us get our power back on. 
They have also helped us get all of our WiFi back to the marina. 
Because of EPB, we can stay connected on our WiFi without loss of signal and we have some of the fastest internet in the country.

 I simply cannot praise this company enough. They have been fabulous to us at Island Cove Marina. I am more than happy to tell anyone I know how pleased and grateful we are! 



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