Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

I hope y'all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! 

Caleb is at such a fun age now! He has inherited his parents' love of boating and we are so blessed to be able to spend our summer on the water. 

Caleb was all about going fast on the little boat this year! 

I actually enjoyed sitting on our bigger boat better. 

We had lunch on the Chris Craft. 
I found the cutest Mickey Mouse fruit and cheese tray for Caleb. 

Someone simply would not nap on Saturday! 
He watched a movie on the boat while I got some sun. 

It has been years since I could just relax and get a tan. 
I've been too ashamed of my body for the past six years and have kept myself covered up. 
My poor legs finally saw the light of day! 

Loved every second of it and I didn't burn! 
Always a good thing! 

Caleb hung out with Daddy all day and loved it! 
From driving the boat to hanging off the swim platform, they were stuck like glue. 

Caleb begged us for 10 minutes to jump in the water. We tried to warn him that it was going to be really cold. 

We got the "Please, Mom, I'll do anything" face. 

We took a long ride down to the dam. 

He loved every second of it! 

So, Ryan and I finally let Caleb jump in....

And he realized it was freakin' cold! It took his breath and he went nuts! 
Ryan had to pull him back in, but I think he'll listen to us a little more next time. 

After he got dried off, he was all smiles again! 

We had dinner at our favorite restaurant on the lake before going home to finally crash! 

So, how did you spend the weekend? 



  1. You are so pretty and your son looks just like you!

    1. Thank you, sweetie! We call him "mini-me"! He acts just like his daddy though!



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