Thursday, June 13, 2013

Healthy Spaghetti

I'm slowly getting there!!! Only 1.6 pounds to go!!! Instead of the yo-yo that I have been through the past year and a half with my weight, things have finally kept creeping down. It's all because of the clean eating. One hundred percent!

Eating every couple of hours has helped in so many ways. I don't get crazy junk food cravings anymore. I'm hardly ever really hungry now which helps me not overeat. I'm also more likely to eat healthier if I'm not starving.

But, I think the whole food prep has been really successful. My evenings are so much less stressful when dinner is ready. That's always a plus when you've got a hungry, whining child under your feet! We have saved a ton of money just this past week. I know exactly what is going into our food and what isn't.

I have been fighting an ugly sinus infection this week. Things are so bad Ryan sang "Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer" to me and my coworkers couldn't keep a straight face every time I was around. Yeah, I don't do the whole sick thing very well...

I was craving comfort food, but there was absolutely no way I was letting my eating get out of hand. It feels like I am so close and I just don't want to give in at this point. So I came up with some healthy spaghetti.

Here's the breakdown....

Take a pound of ground turkey and brown it in a skillet. 
I diced one large tomato. I then pureed three large tomatoes and added it to my meat. 
I sprinkled oregano and garlic in the sauce and let it cook down while I cooked my whole wheat noodles. 
From start to finish, it took about thirty minutes. 
It was worth every second! It tasted better than slow cooked, homemade regular spaghetti. 
If I made it again, I would add some sliced mushrooms. 

I did have leftover sauce mixture and I plan to use it in stuffed bell peppers tonight. 


  1. I have been trying out the whole clean eating thing! I keep in my mind the phrase you used, "Eating what God made". I have not switched over completely, but everytime I purposefully do, I feel its a step in the right direction! Feel better soon!

    1. I think about that phrase often too! How do you feel now that you're going back and forth between the two? I would eat clean for a day or two, then try something else I was craving. I could always feel the difference in my body between the two.

  2. I always add mushrooms and finely chopped carrots, onions and celery to my meat sauce to sneak in those veggies! I also use spaghetti squash for a low-carb option. But you have to thoroughly cook that squash or else its too crunchy. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Clean eating is so much healthier. I wish I could keep myself eating clean. I am doing much better though.

  4. Hope you feel better soon, when I did the cleanse I ate clean and felt amazing, then things went haywire.... Womp womp!! Good for you for sticking with it!!! Thanks for linking up with us!!

  5. You are very close to your goal. I'm so happy for you. Pasta is one of my all-time-favorite. Glad you share.




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