Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Our weekend started a little early. Caleb went to VBS for the first time this year and he ended up having a stomach virus on Friday. We picked him up from church around lunch and he had his little face painted. He loved showing off his Batman mask. Somehow I didn't know Batman growled and had claws...

Fortunately for us, Caleb was feeling so much better on Saturday. We stayed around the house and let him play in the sprinkler. 

That obviously wasn't enough because Daddy went out to buy him a pool to play around in. 

Ryan picked him out some crab shaped goggles too. 

He enjoyed splashing me and shooting at me with his water gun. I'm telling ya.... his mother is about to buy herself a Super Soaker to take care of that mess. He thought he was so hilarious. 

We took a long Jeep ride and had Sweet Frog to wrap up our lazy weekend. 


  1. what a lovely weekend! and he's such a little cutie!

    1. Thanks! He's got quite the personality. He keeps us laughing.



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