Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What's Next

I was writing an email to a really sweet new friend and we discussed BMI charts a bit. 

Honestly, I hate those dang charts. There are several places to calculate yours based on your height and weight. 

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BMI Categories:
  • Underweight = <18 .5="" li="">
  • Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
  • Overweight = 25–29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

According to that scale, I'm still slightly overweight. Do I feel unhealthy or fat now? Nope. Considering where I was when I first started, I feel fabulous!

As I have basked in the glorious feelings of reaching my goal weight this entire week, I've started thinking about where to go from here. I've never been this small in my entire adult life. I kid you not. 

I have been asked how I set my goal weight. I picked the time I was smallest as an adult. I looked at those pictures several times over the past six years. I dreamed of being there again. So that's what I went for. 

I never really believed I could make it this far. It was just some distant hope that I could get close. Now that it has become reality for me, I realized I'm just not ready to maintain my current weight.

We have a beach trip coming up and I want to see how much I can lose by then. I'm kinda skeptical to set an actual number at this point. I've never been this small and I really don't know what is realistic for my body now. I honestly celebrate any loss. 

Secretly I think I'd like to have an overall loss of 100 pounds. I'm not sure that's even a possibility for my body, but who knows at this point. I don't want to stress over it, but I'm seriously considering it. I would actually have 27.3 pounds to go from here. According to the BMI charts I would be right in the middle of the normal weight range at that point. 

I've got a husband who loves my curves and is protesting my continuation. I would be absolutely content if I stayed exactly where I am, but I am curious enough to try for something greater. 

So how do you decide on a goal weight? How far off are you now? 


  1. My husband is protesting my smaller boobage :) It's so weird you just posted about this - I had a Dr's appointment this morning and she told me that since Dec. my BMI has gone from 33 to 26 - so stinking excited and listen to your gut, if youre not done - then youre not done :) youre doing amazingly though!!!

  2. Whewh! That's a bummer... LOL! but... I think it's important that I'm honest with myself... Until you see something like this, it's just in the back of your mind... I need to get busy!

  3. Currently, I am setting mini goals for myself. I have a picture of my "goal weight", but am not sure. I will have to see once I get there! I am actually working on deciding what rewards I want for each of my mini goals. Currently, I want a pair of Yurbuds and a subscription to StrideBox so I am going to work for them! I know you said you celebrate any loss. So in your 60+ pound loss, did you reward yourself along the way?

    1. I did, but there was nothing ever decided before hand. I celebrated with my husband every ten pounds. We'd just pick something fun to do. I love the idea though!

  4. Hello! I am visiting from Night Owl Venting party hops! I am your new follower and looking forward to read more of your posts. :)

    Come and see me at domesstique.com to see if you fancy to follow along.

    Hugs x

  5. The BMI chart is so outdated! You are obviously in great shape, and HARDLY overweight. Case in point: my younger brother is 6' and 190lbs. He works out 6 days a week and is solid muscle. HE IS OVERWEIGHT if we believe the BMI charts. Healthy is a state not calculated by some old chart. You look amazing but know your body best, and how much further you can push it-- good luck in this next leg of your journey :)

  6. I used this to help set my goal. It also shows that I have a long way to go!! I try not to focus on that, but just becoming healthier!!

  7. as I try to get more Zen, I am learning that goals are arbitrary and well, kinda sorta dumb in the 'zen' approach to life. So I'm just continuing to eat primal/grain-free, healthy, and will let my body decide where it wants to be. Last time I checked (Sat. morning), I was 12 lbs. away from a 'healthy' BMI. In my perfect, world, if you forced me to put down numbers, I want to lose 13-25 more lbs. But if this is it, I'm okay with that, too. Although another 4-5 would be nice to be definitely, comfortably in 8's and mediums. :)



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