Tuesday, July 2, 2013

20 Hours

Hubby and I are absolutely exhausted! Over the past four days, we have been in a car for over 20 hours. Friday we traveled two hours to Tellico, then traveled two hours back on Saturday. 

Sunday afternoon, we rode with my parents to Columbia, Tennessee. It's about a six hour drive, round trip. 
My great aunt passed away and we went to pay our respects. 

It's unusual for Ryan to not be the driver! We sat in the backseat like little kids. 

Road trips with my dad are always interesting. He hardly stops for bathroom breaks and he eats meals at strange times. And he may forget to tell his daughter that we won't be eating until 9:30 at night...

I'm just not cut out for that! 

We stopped at a Cracker Barrel because he was tired of my whining. 
It was the same place he whipped my butt 25 years earlier!
I was about 4 and decided not to have table manners. When he asked me to stop, I continued. He stood up and I thought it was a great idea to run from him. Bad idea....So bad that I can remember everything leading up to it, but not the whipping. 
So we have a picture to remember the 25th anniversary of one of the worst beatings I got as a child. 
(I only had maybe two my entire life... HA!)

On Monday, we headed out for the final road trip. Caleb stayed with my parents since I wasn't about to be locked in a car with him for that long! 

My husband spoils me. 
He actually stops regularly for bathroom breaks and food on a road trip unlike another member of my family. 
We even stopped at one of our favorite Bass Pro Shops. 

I happen to love all of their stuffed, dead wild animals...

When we reached Roanoke, Virginia, we were able to spend some time shopping at Gander Mtn. 

I can be at the craziest places and find a reason to try on clothes...

All of the shirts I got were smalls and the pants I tried on were 8's! 
And they fit great! 

And of course I had to show my husband the proof...

During the road trips, I was helping one of my sweet friends. She is Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee this year and she is going to the Ms. Wheelchair USA pageant. We have been putting together a scrapbook of the amazing things she has done as Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee. 

I am so honored that she has let me do some of the layouts! 
Ryan made me a board to put two 12 x 12 layouts and scrapbook going down the road. 

It really helps pass the time during a long road trip!
I normally get very carsick if I try to read, but for some reason the scrapbooking didn't bother me at all. 
Who knows??

In Virginia, we picked up my stepkids. They are spending the summer with us and we have tons of fun things to do while they are here. We're gonna be crazy busy! 

One last thing... (this is really long)

I had the absolute craziest thing happen to me in the middle of Virginia!
I was washing my hands in the bathroom when a lady walked up to me. 
(Hi, Sandra!)
She said, "I know you! You're Wendy and I read your blog! Good job on the weight loss."
I...was...floored, y'all!

Seriously, I was four hours from home and in the middle of this trucker rest stop and I met one of you!
How awesome is that???

Seriously....this is a long post and I am exhausted (and obviously rambling). 


  1. Look at you! Weight Loss Celebrity Status! That is awesome. I would totally be stopping at several stores to try on clothes if I were you. In fact that is exactly what I'll do when I hit goal.
    I LOVE the story of your childhood beating.hahaha It reminded me of my childhood. The parents would have done the exact same thing. I was laughing out loud that you remembered everything except the whoopin'!

    1. My daddy wasn't afraid to break out the belt!

      Trying on clothes is just a whole new experience now. I never understood why all these women made a hobby out of it...

  2. I totally needed this post! LOL I am gearing up to go see my brother (in a truck with my parents for 10 hrs! to and from!) in Pensacola. He is in the Marines and gets some time off for 4th of July. I loveee cracker barrell, Im sure we will eat there if we can find one LOL and we just got a gander mtn built here, hubby LOVES it. How cool someone recognized you!! I love your blog!!

    1. Thank you, Lauryn! Road trips drive me nuts, but this one wasn't too bad. Good music, a way to scrapbook and plenty of stops were definitely the way to go!

      Have a safe trip!

  3. Aahh!! So awesome! I live in Salem, VA (like, literally a mile from the Roanoke County line). Pretty cool that you were trekking it through here recently! Hope you enjoyed the pass through!

    1. That part of the country is just beautiful! I think I've been through Salem once before.

  4. Very cool about meeting a blogger that way! and you look great!

    1. I think I was in shock for a bit. I just never imagined. I have read other bloggers experiencing that, but they have thousands of followers. Caught me completely off guard.

  5. We used to leave near Roanoke. I love that mall. You look so good in these pictures. I loved the stripe dress you had on in the Cracker Barrel picture,

    1. They have a mall? And I missed it??? I needed you a couple of days ago!

      I love pink and orange together. That dress is one of my favorites too. It's so comfy!

  6. Lauryn (above) sent me over. I just have to say that Columbia, TN was only about 40 minutes from me. I just think it's funny how small the blogging world is! And I guess you proved that with your truck stop story. LOL Now THAT. IS. CRAZY. Love it! Congrats on your success in weight loss. Would you come do that for me now? Ha!

    1. Yay! Glad you found it Staci! Hey Wendy, I inculded you in my current loves over on my blog www.cupcakesandkickboxing.blogspot.com and admited to blog stalking you. Im sure you will get a kick out of it! Haha.

    2. Thanks for coming over! My dad's side of the family is from Columbia. I don't know if you follow their news at all, but have you heard of Joanne Ramsey?

    3. Lauryn, you are so very sweet! I just started following you. I can't wait to read your blog!



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