Saturday, July 13, 2013


We have exciting news to share this morning! 

After working on her for over a year, our 1973 Chris Craft drove out of the slip for the very first time! 

My husband has put countless hours into our boat. We've switched engines, transmissions, shift cables and tons of other components. Ryan has pieced it all together to give us a great running boat! 


I am so proud of him! It's rare that a young technician can work on something older than he is and make it all work. It has been an amazing learning opportunity for him! 

We had all five Del Signores here for the maiden voyage! We were all excited!

Thankfully we have a day ahead of us with no rain and plenty of sunshine! 

Ryan and I will enjoy some early morning coffee while three children play drums (Yes, this actually is our life right now...Ha!) before spending the day on our long awaited toy!


  1. Yay! Congratulations! Do you break the bottle of champagne on the boat to celebrate or is that a fading tradition?

  2. Congrats! That's so awesome! What a beautiful thing to spend so much time on and share with your family!

    1. Thanks! We are just thrilled to finally have her running. She's been quite the project to tackle!

  3. Congrats! We have an older boat too and it doesn't have seats. How did the fold-up chairs works for the kids as you were barreling down the lake? I have tried to sit on the bench seats up front but it is a really rough ride!

    1. The chairs worked well, but I have a bigger plan for that area in the long run. We're going to build a box with storage under, cushions on top for seating there. Kinda like a custom thing once we get the new carpet installed. I think it would be fairly easy.



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