Saturday, July 6, 2013


One of my sweet friends asked me the other day how I got my husband to cooperate in all of these pictures.

In all reality, he doesn't at all! I get a ton of eye rolling and sighing.

A bunch of "You want to take another one???"

The best line yet: 

"You cannot post that to Facebook, Wendy!" 

(I promise, while posting to Twitter or Instagram.)

(Ryan smashed his finger at work. Nasty!)

You know there's a problem when your three year old starts saying, "Mom, did you get a picture of that?"

(Caleb was rough housing with his buddies one day.)

(Yes, this is honestly how my husband eats when we eat out.)

I know my two guys love me unconditionally because they put up with the craziness. 
My family jokes that I was probably the most photographed child ever, but I think Caleb seriously rivals that. 
Ryan is pretty much used to having a camera where ever we go. 
He thinks I'm nuts, but he's used to it at this point! 


  1. ha! I get that from my hubs all the time. "Why are you taking a picture of that?" "Do you really need to put that on Facebook?" "Don't put my picture on Facebook!" He has yet to learn about Twitter and Instagram. Love it!

  2. My kids are older teens, but it's been this way since their birth. Just to be funny they will take my camera and snap random pics of garbage cans everywhere we go because "Mom might want to scrapbook that!" ha. ha. ha. I usually don't know until we get home and I start to download the pics to the computer. They are sitting by with baited breath and can't wait until I notice the garbage can photo they've gotten that day.

  3. the finger...ouch!!! that cheeseburger looks good though HAHA!



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