Thursday, July 25, 2013

Inches Lost

I have often been asked how many inches I've lost since the very beginning of my weight loss journey. I thought I'd share that with you today since I've measured for the beginning of my 30 Day Shred project.

I've always been wide open here and that's not going to change a bit!
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So here we go....
Prior to losing weight, these were my measurements:

Bust: 43"
Waist: 40"
Abdomen: 44"
Hips: 49"
Right Leg-Upper: 29.5"
Right Leg - Lower: 20.5"
Left Leg - Upper: 29.5"
Left Leg - Lower: 20.5"
Right Calf: 18.25"
Left Calf: 17.75"
Right Arm: 15"
Left Arm: 14.75"

Pants Size: 18

My measurements as of today:

Bust: 37.5" (5.5 inch loss)
Waist: 31" (9 inch loss)
Abdomen: 36" (8 inch loss)
Hips: 41.25" (7.75 inch loss)
Right Leg-Upper: 24.75" (4.75 inch loss)
Right Leg - Lower: 20" ( .5 inch loss)
Left Leg - Upper: 24" (5.5 inch loss)
Left Leg - Lower: 18" (2.5 inch loss)
Right Calf: 17" (1.25 inch loss)
Left Calf: 16.5" (1.25 inch loss)
Right Arm: 12.5" (2.5 inch loss)
Left Arm: 12.75" (2 inch loss)

Pants Size: 10

Total Inches Lost: 50.5 

I am really looking forward to seeing some changes with the 30 Day Shred!


  1. You look incredible!! So much hard work! Fantastic!

    1. Thank you so much! Big difference, right?!?

  2. You look STUNNING - and I am loving that hot pink bikini. It screams confidence :D

  3. Hi, I'm Janelle, and I found your blog through a recent blog-hop! I'm so excited I stumbled upon yours. I am your newest follower!

    Congrats on losing so much weight. That is fantastic, and I'm sure a lot of hard work has gone into it!!

    I would love if you would follow me back!

    Janelle at

  4. Wow! Fantastic job! That is really impressive. You look bikini ready!


  5. love it girl!!!! you look so totally awesome!!

  6. You have made major progress! You look great in that little pink bathing suit!! After the 30 Day Shred you will look like a Rock Star!!!

    1. I'm really excited about the Shred! We have a beach trip coming and I would love to have some great progress by then.



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