Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Maiden Voyage

This weekend was so much fun for our family! 
We have waited quite a while for our first trip out on the Chris Craft. 

We went for a long boat ride and just enjoyed plowing through the water. I love that our boat has plenty of room to move around. Taking three kids on a smaller boat for the afternoon would have been interesting...

We had room to jump into the water, play around and still fish. There's no way we could pull that off on a smaller boat gracefully without someone getting caught with a hook!

Even though we had plenty of room, one kid still got a hook. Yep, that fearless boy of mine that I continuously told to leave the fishing gear alone got hooked. He's got a small cut on his toe and is current on his tetanus vaccinations, so I think we're okay. Never even cried....

We laid out in a float and Caleb was thrilled because he thought it was a boat. 

My husband has worked so hard on our project!
I just love that he's done that for our family. 

I smile every time I look at this precious face! 
He's just so very sweet. 

He tried to convince me this is the fish he "caught". 

This was my favorite picture from the weekend. 

We had a great time and I cannot wait to spend more like this! 


  1. Love the name of the boat:) That is my favorite warm weather activity!

    1. Thanks! We work at a marina, but when we're on our own boat we're there to relax!

  2. My husband has a bass boat. It is great when he is fishing with a friend, but when he takes us out - it certainly is interesting. Lol! I love your boat. You all did such a great job on it! I love reading your blog, too!

    1. Thank you so much, Christi!

      Boating with children is always entertaining!



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