Friday, August 30, 2013

So....What's Up?

This week has just felt so very quiet to me. Just very blah....

I've been having some rough blood sugar drops lately. It's lasted over a week and I am just absolutely worn down. When I began feeling ill, I automatically looked at my food choices. When I tried controlling it through my diet and it didn't work, I knew it was time to see my doctor. I went to my doctor at the beginning of the week. He took a look at my food journal and was pleased with my nutrition.

That was such a relief to me! I've done a lot of research about my food choices and it's always great to hear from your doctor that you're doing things correctly.

We've done quite a bit of blood work, an EKG, and a three hour glucose test to hopefully see what's going on with my body. My days are especially rough right now and I will be so grateful to get this figured out. I'm just not really myself.

The glucose test was yuck! 
Three hours, sugary orange junk, and four blood draws. 
Not my idea of a good time.
They actually had to dig for a vein on one arm. 

When Caleb saw my arm he asked what happened. I told him "Shark bite" and you should have seen his face! Luckily he realized I was messing with him....

I have had such a range of emotions over feeling so miserable. I think it's just been such a long time since I've actually felt rough and there's nothing I can do to change it at this moment. I spent years feeling miserable due to health problems and it's hard to go through some of that again. I just thought that was behind me now.

This just feels like a set back. That makes me cry....get angry....stay frustrated. I can't focus on losing any weight because it's an almost constant struggle to just feel okay. My automatic reaction is to eat junk, but I know that won't help at all. I've never had a moment this strong that I wanted to put my healthy efforts on hold. Everything rational tells me that continuing to eat healthy is going to be the only way I get through this gracefully. But my emotions are screaming at me to just feel better by running to my comforting carbs and sugar.

Writing here has always been my therapy through this journey, but I have struggled several times this week to write this. I'm usually upbeat and positive so it's hard for me to feel like this right now.

My Zumba group asked me to share my weight loss story with them and it was just what I needed at the time. I needed the reminder of how far I've come. I just can't give up. I am just so grateful for that little push this week when I so needed it.

I will get all my test results next week. I'm just ready to get something straightened out and move forward.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trashy to Classy

This has been a fairly quiet week around here, right? I'm sorry for my absence. Bear with me and I will explain things soon.

Until then, I wanted to share something awesome.... I never thought I'd ever be so excited over something like this.

Ryan and I have pretty amazing friends. (We've mentioned that several times around here.) There is absolutely no way we could pull off this whole boat owner thing without some help. Eddie just so happens to be one of those people.

He found us some beautiful grey carpet to replace that hideous electric blue that came on ours. This carpet is one of the most crucial parts of updating the look of our older Chris Craft.

Eddie came down to help us custom fit the carpet to our boat. 

Then it was sent off to have the edges bound. 

The next evening our carpet came back and Ryan hauled it to the boat! 

We both kept laughing and said this was better than opening a gift on Christmas morning. 

Eddie made us pieces to cover the steps going into the cabin as well as two pieces to cover our dock steps. 
Rug Pilot also has the ability to embroider boat names or logos on them, so I think our boat name will have to be added fairly soon! He can literally take a picture of our boat name and transfer it to the carpet. Y'all know I love custom matchy-matchy everything! 

We laid out the carpet and will be adding some snaps to hold it all down. 

Doesn't that look a million times nicer???

So if you want custom carpet for your boat, contact Eddie! He had patterns for many makes and models. If you're ready to update the look of your boat or simply want to change the color, I'd trust Rug Pilot to do an excellent job! 

I've also got some great options for those of you who aren't boat owners. Rug Pilot also has college game rugs! Ryan actually has a Tennessee rug from Eddie in our Vols themed master bathroom. 

Rare Fact: I am a true South Carolina fan at heart. I pull for Tennessee until they play South Carolina! 

Yes, Rug Pilot has other college choices but I refuse to allow some SEC teams space on this blog. I just simply cannot bring myself to do it! Y'all forgive me.... I'm a serious football fan. 

Got an idea for something else? Contact him and he'll be glad to help you! 
Mention you saw our old blue carpet when you talk to Eddie! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bye, Bye Blue

We spent a lot of time fishing this past weekend. Caleb has turned into such a patient child when he has a fishing rod. I never imagined he would enjoy something like that at his age. 

He's also gotten so much braver in the water. I don't know if I'm proud or scared to death. We have been so careful about training him to put on his life jacket every time we get out of the car and head to the boat. We just cannot be too careful with him. 

Caleb loved jumping off the tube and from the boat's swim platform. He was just so proud of his little self. 

He's learning to move through the water. When I was younger I taught myself to swim after spending the summer on the lake in a life jacket. I'm hoping that he will get the hang of it soon. 

I got some sun and enjoyed relaxing on the lake all weekend. 

We made some more boat progress this weekend.  

If you know anything about my boat, you know I absolutely despise the ugly blue carpet that came on it. I know it may have been popular a long time ago, but if I could pick the one thing to change about the boat this is it. And I finally get the chance! 

A friend of ours at the marina got us some new carpet for the boat and he's going to help us with getting it cut and bound around the edges. We are beyond excited! 

So Ryan and I finally got to say goodbye to the ugly blue carpet this week! We have had the carpet for a while, but didn't want to replace it until Ryan finished working on the engine. It was such a major project we didn't want to risk getting our new carpet stained. 

Someone glued this carpet to the floor and it was such a mess! Fortunately it had been so long ago the carpet pulled up without too much effort. 

We washed down the floor and we are ready to see a drastic difference in the whole look of the boat! 

I feel so very sorry for our boat neighbors! There's no telling what they think about our fixer-upper. I'm hoping it will be worth staring at this for a few days when they see what we're doing. When we're in the middle of these projects I wonder what our neighbors are thinking... Then again, I may not really want to know! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Motivation Monday #16

Good morning! This past week flew by and it's time for another Motivation Monday.

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Justine from Sassy Shoes in the Snow linked up with us last week. I hopped over to see her blog and she shared a great new recipe! She made cauliflower biscuits and they have no flour. They look really good and I think I will be making these soon. 
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Beach Countdown...

I am officially in beach mode! During the first week I spent time finding ways to work in exercise every day. It's been about 6 years since I have committed myself to working out this way. 

And my body is screaming in protest! 
Holy cow! 
I am completely out of shape. 
Here I was thinking I was all kinds of bad booty with the two hours of Zumba once or twice a week. 
Combine that with more cardio.....Totally felt it!

On Thursday, I was in the middle of my two hour Zumba class and I really started wondering how much my body could handle. I feel like I pushed my body right to the edge of my limits. It felt absolutely rough, but in a good way. I've known for a while that my body is capable of much more since I've lost weight, but I haven't really pushed it until now. I'm still in awe that I can do this. I went from severely obese to working out 6-7 hours during the week. 

I think the biggest difference this week is seeing a change in my arms and stomach. 

Ugh! That butt just won't shrink!!! 
For the love of everything.....It seriously needs to catch up.
I will always be a curvy girl! 

My big happy moment for the week? 

I have had this one pair of jeans for 6 years. They were given to me 6 years ago and I was able to stuff my butt into them one time. I wore them December 31, 2007. After that night, I put them in storage because they were a little too tight. I had hopes of wearing them when I lost a little more weight. Well, that totally didn't happen. I gained a ton of weight and that was a long forgotten dream. 

When I finally started losing weight, they became my goal jeans. Over the past year I have tried and tried to get back in them. Slowly, they started inching over my thighs, then my butt, then I could button them, but they weren't presentable to wear out. 
(Y'all know what I'm talking about!) 

So I waited and waited. This week I grabbed them off the shelf just to see if I could tell a difference. I waited until Ryan was in the shower so I could hopefully squeeze my butt into them before he saw what I was doing. Miraculously, they slid over my thighs, fit my butt, and buttoned with about two inches of room in the waist! 

They fit me better than they did that first time I wore them! 
I was thrilled! So thrilled that I ran into the bathroom, threw back the shower curtain, and showed them off to a husband that looked at me like I had lost my ever-lovin' mind! 
(Seriously, he puts up with a lot of crazy!) 

Slowly, I'm getting there! 
I am so ready to see that scale move down some more....
It's Never Too Late
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Waffle House Healthy???

Sometimes eating out is just unavoidable. But you don't have to sacrifice your eating! 

You can get creative just about anywhere...

Including Waffle House now! 

Ryan and I grabbed dinner at Waffle House this week. He was craving it and I was dreading it. I am absolutely working my butt off (pun definitely intended) and I don't want to sabotage my efforts. 

Luckily I saw some potential options on their menu! 
Some Waffle House locations are serving oatmeal for breakfast. W
e were there for dinner, so I had to keep searching...

I had an omelet with jalapenos and tomatoes. They have a fiesta omelet, but you have to watch out for that processed cheese they throw in it! You can also get just an egg white omelet there now. 

I had wheat toast without butter and a side of tomatoes.  

It was filling, healthy and satisfying all the way around! 
I was happy because I felt like I could still enjoy one of my husband's favorite places to eat. 

In the past I would eat grits loaded with butter and salt, a side of greasy bacon, two pieces of raisin toast smothering in butter, and scrambled eggs with cheese and salt. 
Talk about a diet killer! No wonder I weighed as much as I did! 

Some of you have asked if I ever feel deprived of my favorite foods. 

I honestly do not. There are some days that I crave comfort foods, but I find a way to make them healthier. I never feel like I deprive myself. If I can't make something better, I make sure I splurge in moderation. Sometimes I am really craving an Oreo ice cream bar, so I make Ryan buy one and I take a couple of bites. I still feel like I get my treat, but I don't eat the whole thing and nothing goes to waste. 

I stopped constantly craving junk. Yes, it took a little bit but I don't craving sweets daily anymore. I get them maybe once or twice a month now. I just don't miss them and I am sooo glad! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

So Social

Caleb's social life revolves around church. We are extremely blessed to be able to have him walk through those church doors so many times per week. Even though Ryan and I work full time, we have a special caregiver that makes sure Caleb is involved with our church as much as possible. 

Our church is more than just going to service on a Sunday morning. Caleb goes to "school" there, I go to Zumba classes there, and we have some great friends there. We are very blessed to have found a church home that has become such a major part of our lives. 

The best part is that we are watching our little boy grow up there. Each year we watch him start a new exciting phase of his life and we are in awe of everything he learns! 

This week Caleb became a "Cubbie" in Awanas. 
This year he gets a little vest, a bag, and a workbook. 
I seriously tear up every time I look at this picture....
How can he be this big already??

Caleb was so very proud that he's a big boy now! 

Can you believe this was our first day of Puggles two years ago??? 

He had Luau Day at school this week and he dressed as a surfer dude! 

Caleb is definitely our little ham. He lives to make people laugh and I can tell he'll probably be a little class clown one day. 

We are completely in a new world this year. Caleb has Bible verses for school, Sunday school, and Cubbies! We have a ton of memorization to do, but I think it's amazing that he has the ability to do that now. 

He's learning how letters make certain sounds and he can't wait to show off his new skills. During bath time I caught him trying to sing his ABC's all by himself and it's just the sweetest thing in the world! 

It honestly thrills my heart that he loves to learn! 
And I'm so glad he got that trait from his mama! I loved school and I pray that he will too. 

Baked Salmon... Two Ways!

Salmon is a staple in our house now. I love it grilled on a cedar plank or baked with different flavorings. Salmon is not doubt one of the healthiest foods you can eat and some of the health benefits are amazing:
  • Rich in Vitamin D and B12. Tons of Omega-3 fatty acids. 
  • May improve inflammation, cognitive function, skin and hair, eye health and heart health. 
  • Great source of lean protein!
Salmon is so versatile and you can include it easily in your weekly meals. Ryan and I love whole wheat bagels with Greek yogurt and smoked salmon. You can make smoked salmon roll ups with Greek yogurt and diced cucumber and celery. Use the smoked salmon like a tortilla in a roll up and you're good to go! Baked or grilled salmon is great on salads as well.

I want to share my latest favorites with you today! 

On my first filet of salmon, I drizzled a little molasses and red pepper flakes. Bake it for 20 minutes in a 400 degree oven or until flaky. 

Or you can add some Liquid Smoke to a filet and bake it the same way. 

I absolutely loved the molasses salmon, but Ryan preferred the smoked one. 
They were both amazingly good! 

We ate ours with steamed broccoli and quinoa. 

Don't be afraid to try something new with some of your favorite meats. It keeps things from getting boring and you may even find a new favorite like I did! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wellness Travel Pak Giveaway

I have a new giveaway to share with you today! Roam Products sent me three of their Wellness Travel Paks, one to keep for myself and two to share with you!
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Wellness Travel Pak™ - This innovative and time-saving vitamin/medication delivery system is unlike any other and it will make a consumer’s daily intake regimen both simple and reliable. This product will provide customers the following benefits: 

 Contemporary design – Fashionable and Sporty – promotes a positive image of wellness!

 Keeps vitamins and medications organized – regardless of tablet/pill size

 Easy to use and adjust to size from one day to 2 weeks or longer 

 Internal Slider zip allows for all sizes of vitamins/supplement/medications

 Replaceable, see-through slider zip bags can hold all sizes ofvitamins/supplements/medication and allows for easy identification.

 Customizable labels – handwritten or use online template to print labels

 Fits nicely into a briefcase, purse, backpack or travel bag

 TSA/Airport security friendly (due to recent FAA “carry-on content”regulations)

Other products such as the common "pill box" have a negative association to illness.  The Wellness Travel Pak™ brings a positive approach to managing a healthy lifestyle!


I think this is such a neat idea for all of us who use supplements. It's a quick, easy way to stay organized! 

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