Thursday, August 15, 2013

5 to 3

Our last night with my stepchildren was Tuesday night. Caleb had a sleepover with his Nana so we could hit the road early the next day. Since we were Caleb-free we went skating. 

When Ryan and I were kids, our parents took us to the skating rink quite a bit. It used to be the best way to spend a Friday night! 

As I skated around, I thought about the times I had gone with friends. I thought about teaching my best friend how to skate backwards. And I felt really old!!! I remember when this skating rink opened and was "all the rage"! 

Madison and I have enjoyed Zumba together this year. She's the one who will pretty much try anything. She's always so go with the flow. I wanted to dress up for family pictures? She was right there picking out patterns and fabric! 

Bryce has always been my buddy. We can act completely ridiculous together and laugh the entire time!
He's the one person I can be one hundred percent crazy silly around who "gets it".

Early Wednesday morning, we hit the road. 
I started laughing because I was the only energetic morning person in the car....
Bryce tried faking it for the camera, but Ryan could have cared less! 

Coming home was awful!
We hit so much traffic. We saw about 20 cars pulled over for speeding and several wrecks. 
We had people running all over the lanes and hitting us. 
It was a miracle we made it home untouched! 

Once we made it home, we had dinner and a movie after Caleb went to sleep. 
It was a celebration of not getting killed or seriously hurt on the Interstate...

Unfortunately we won't get to see my stepchildren until next July. 
We were so super busy these last six and a half weeks, but it was completely worth it. 

Sometimes it feels really tough. 
You spend about four weeks getting accustomed to going from a family of 3 to 5 overnight. By the time you think you've got the hang of it, they're gone. That's the rough part. 

Now we'll be adjusting back to a family of three. 
I've had a few emails asking how Caleb is handling everything since they've left. I think he's doing pretty well. We try to give him plenty of extra loving after they leave because he's spent weeks glued to them. He's really a flexible person so he just rolls with it. It's all he's ever known so he enjoys it while they're here and he goes on when they leave. It may be more difficult as he gets older, but we are thankful he copes well now. 


  1. That sounds really tough but you guys seem to be doing a fantastic job!
    I love your blog btw. So inspiring!

  2. My stepsons live with us 100% of the time now and have for the past 3 years, but prior to that we only had them on the weekends and in the summer. It was always such a huge letdown at the end of the summer when they went back home and weren't here all the time. I am sorry that you don't get to see them more but it sounds like you had a great summer together!

  3. How sad for all of you! Isn't there something Ryan could do? Could he file to have more time with them throughout the year? I think it is awesome how opened armed you are to his kids, giving them love and support and good memories

    1. The kids live about 11 hours away. We have tried to keep their best interest at heart. The long trip is rough on them, so we do an extended period through the summer to keep their lives from being disrupted during the school year. They are almost to the age that their wishes on where they would prefer to live can be considered. We don't believe in putting pressure on them to chose at that time. If they ever want to live with us, then we will be more than happy to welcome them home with arms wide open. But we aren't shoving that down their throats. Does that make sense?

  4. I can relate to changing families. My oldest goes off to college and his sister (8YO) who thinks of him as her best friend takes quite a while to get used to it. Technology helps. She has figured out how to Facetime him with her Ipod. She doesn't understand that he is busy with college studying, working and being social and can't always take his call, but it does help. Your step-children really are beautiful. I have fallen in love and I've only read your sweet words about them. There are lots of different families, but they are all still family and that is what matters most to me.



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