Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I have finally passed the 75 pound mark! I have been stalled out for what seems like forever, but yesterday the scale inched down again!

To celebrate reaching another big milestone, I decided it would be a fabulous idea to do two whole hours of Zumba. They added some extra classes at church and two are back to back.

Y'all, I don't think I have ever worked out two hours straight in my entire life until yesterday!

Before class, I kept thinking about that fact....

I ran track in middle and high school. I was never a distance runner so I know I didn't exercise for two hours then.

I was in the Top Ten Most Athletic Females in ROTC for all four years of high school and I know I never did two hours of physical training.

As an adult (when I lost 60 pounds the first time) I went to the gym religiously for six months and I know I didn't invest that kind of time into my workouts.

So yesterday was a really big day for me on the scale and a measurement of my physical abilities.

I was really proud of what my body can do now. I don't think you can fully appreciate that kind of thing until you've been on the "other side". I spent years being obese and unhealthy. I've felt what it's like to know my body cannot do certain things. I felt the defeat that comes when you realize you cannot roll around on the floor with your toddler or run in the yard with him. I know what it's like to sit in a swing and have the chains pressing into your hips so hard that you can't actually swing. I can really remember sitting on a slide and having my behind spilling over.

To go from that to where I am now feels unbelievably amazing! So many of you have written me asking how I stay motivated. I vividly remember how miserable I was and I know how wonderful I feel today. That's the biggest thing that pushes me now. I don't ever want to feel like I can't do something again.

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I've lived both ways and I guarantee this part of life is worth every single struggle I've had along the way. If you've been around here for a while, you know I fight for every pound lost. This weight just doesn't magically melt off of me.

I need to read this every day
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And yes, I actually survived two whole hours of Zumba! I felt amazing and I am so glad I challenged my body!


  1. That is awesome! And pushes me to keep fighting!

    1. If I can do this, I promise anyone can!

  2. Wow, that is totally freaking awesome!

  3. what a great victory! Both the 75 pounds, and the massive zumba workout! Thanks for being inspiring!

  4. That's an awesome accomplishment!!! Congratulations! :)

  5. Wow - that is amazing! Congratulations - such a great victory!

  6. I want to try a group Zumba class, but I am very nervous in class settings.
    Congrats on the 75 mark! You are a huge inspiration to me :)

  7. Hi new follower. Found you on Tips and Tricks from Stringtown Home. Your blog is very motivational. I'm writing a blog entry now on my status. Thanks for the encouragement.

  8. Hey there! This was such a wonderful post to link up! Congratulations on your weight loss and for reaching your goals and sticking to healthy living! I honestly can understand what you mean!! When I started changing things with our health in my family, it definitely affected everything...totally for the better! Thank you for linking up with us to the Get Fit Friday Blog Hop! I enjoyed reading your post! Following you now on social media! <3



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