Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Family Photos

A couple of weekends ago we had our family pictures taken by JL Photography

These three kids are hilarious together....
Madison is the quiet one, Bryce is the adventurous one, and Caleb is the loud, crazy one!
I promise there is never a dull moment. 

I have waited so long to have our family pictures taken. 
We were waiting for Caleb to get a little bigger and it was much easier! 

You can see Caleb's little personality showing through. He's such a mess! 

My mom made our dresses. Madison was so excited that we matched! 

Ryan loves this one of us the best. 

I'm looking forward to getting many of these framed, but now I have so many to choose from. 

We had an overcast day which worked out well in the middle of summer!
It wasn't overly hot and Jade was beyond patient with all of us Caleb. 

Once Caleb was done with pictures, he was sure to let us know! 
I still love the pouty face. 


  1. aww i love the dresses and the pics!!

  2. Great pictures! Beautiful family.

  3. You two girls look adorable in those matching dresses. My daughter and I were clothes shopping this morning and it is always apparent that we have the absolutely opposite taste in clothes lol, so we won't be dressing alike any time soon. It's a shame, it makes a cute family photo!



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