Monday, August 19, 2013

Join Me?

I’ll be participating in a Health Activist Roundtable on Healthy Living & Nutrition tomorrow! Join me and @wegohealth for a twitter discussion from 3 to 4 pm EST.  You can use #HAchat to follow along!

I am stinkin' nervous, but I honestly couldn't pass up this opportunity to share what works for me with as many people as possible! Y'all know I am shy in person and it's tough for me to talk face to face but I am determined to do it tomorrow. 

We will be live chatting and tweeting (like I know how to do either of those things...) while on a conference call! So at the very most, this should be beyond entertaining on my part. If you want a chance to hear exactly how Southern I am, just tune in! 

As if that's not enough pressure, I'm chatting with some amazing people! Marissa Vicario, Monica from Run Eat Repeat, Alison from Empowering Patients, and Laura Termini

Seriously, y'all, I have read a couple of these blogs for a while and I am in shock that I actually get to join them tomorrow! How amazing is that?

Could y'all just pray that I don't embarrass myself? 


  1. How exciting! Will we be able to watch a video clip? I tried finding it but couldn't.

    1. I think there will just be audio. I am hoping they will share that on the WEGO site sometime.



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