Monday, August 12, 2013

Motivation Monday #14

Good Monday morning! Let's get another Motivation Monday started!

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This link up is great because of my sweet co-hosts, of course! Don't forget to visit them! 

Wendy @ Daily Dose of Del Signore
Veronica @ V Watts' Thoughts
Morgan @ Fat to Fit Confessions
Tiff @ The Fit Train
Katie @ The Carb Monster
Alisha @ Coily Locks

Please don't forget to feature our Motivation Monday button on your post when you link up with us! It's helps spread the word!

This past week I started something a little new for our Motivation Monday. 
I have shared each of you on our Motivation Monday Pinterest board! 
Be sure to check it out! 

Joi linked up with us last week and she shared her Birthday Bucket List
Birthday Bucket List - Rx Fitness Lady
She has some fabulous fitness goals and I am so looking forward to seeing her accomplish them this year! 
Stop by and say hi to Joi when you get a chance! 
I'm seeing many repeat bloggers to our link party! I am so thrilled to have you all stop by each week. I love that we can offer each other tons of encouragement and support. I love seeing all of us commenting on everyone's blogs. The fitness/weight loss blogging community is unlike anything I've ever seen before! So many of you have reached out to support and cheer each other on and I think it's amazing!

My advice to you today is if you are just beginning your journey or maybe you're a little stuck right now, consider creating a blog. I have never held myself accountable for my weight loss efforts like I did when I blogged about it here. I have never been so encouraged in my life. I have struggled at times and so many of you have reached out to help me. 

If you have a weight loss or fitness blog, please link up with us so that we can get to know you too! If you don't have a blog, don't be afraid to put yourself out there. I know I sure was, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Instead I have made some great friends and I have gained so much knowledge to get me through my weight loss struggles.
Okay now, y'all know what to do... Link it up!  


  1. Thank you for always hosting :) I love this link-up!

  2. I love me some Joi! She has really great ideas for blog posts. I linked up to her Bucket List with my post about losing 30lbs by my birthday.

  3. Hey Wendy! Thx for the feature! This linky is growing and quite deserving. We need a community like this!

  4. Wendy, that's a great new feature! What a fun blog hop!!

  5. What a fun blog, Thanks for posting every now and then. Anyways, are you guys interested to hire your own trainer? You may visit or you may contact them on (949) 313-4034 for ones information.



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