Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ricotta Shrimp Penne

This dish is sooo good, but I really don't know what to call it! I was hungry and had a tough day so I needed comfort food. Instead of pigging out on pasta, bread, butter, and sugar I tried to stick with my healthy eating. 

I don't agree with depriving myself of my comfort foods, but I do believe in making them healthier. 
I cooked some whole wheat penne. 

I actually cook my whole wheat pasta longer than I do regular pasta because it really helps to keep it from tasting so "grainy". 

I drizzled a tablespoon of EVOO in my pan. 
I chopped some garlic and added red pepper flakes. 
(You may want to use very little pepper flake if you aren't a fan of spicy)

I chopped three tomatoes and threw them in....

And some spinach....

After the spinach cooked down, I added a cup of low fat ricotta cheese. 

Then I added a pound of shrimp and cooked it until it was pink. 

Serve it over the penne and top with parmesan cheese...

Now you've got healthy comfort food! 


  1. looks yummy!!! thanks for always posting so regularly wendy! i have been so slack latley on blogging! I really need to get back to it asap. lol

    1. It was delicious! The only time I can post is late at night after Caleb has gone to bed and I've cleaned around the house. It's my relaxing time! I schedule everything ahead. I can reply to comments from my phone, so I reckon it works well enough! :)

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