Thursday, August 22, 2013

So Social

Caleb's social life revolves around church. We are extremely blessed to be able to have him walk through those church doors so many times per week. Even though Ryan and I work full time, we have a special caregiver that makes sure Caleb is involved with our church as much as possible. 

Our church is more than just going to service on a Sunday morning. Caleb goes to "school" there, I go to Zumba classes there, and we have some great friends there. We are very blessed to have found a church home that has become such a major part of our lives. 

The best part is that we are watching our little boy grow up there. Each year we watch him start a new exciting phase of his life and we are in awe of everything he learns! 

This week Caleb became a "Cubbie" in Awanas. 
This year he gets a little vest, a bag, and a workbook. 
I seriously tear up every time I look at this picture....
How can he be this big already??

Caleb was so very proud that he's a big boy now! 

Can you believe this was our first day of Puggles two years ago??? 

He had Luau Day at school this week and he dressed as a surfer dude! 

Caleb is definitely our little ham. He lives to make people laugh and I can tell he'll probably be a little class clown one day. 

We are completely in a new world this year. Caleb has Bible verses for school, Sunday school, and Cubbies! We have a ton of memorization to do, but I think it's amazing that he has the ability to do that now. 

He's learning how letters make certain sounds and he can't wait to show off his new skills. During bath time I caught him trying to sing his ABC's all by himself and it's just the sweetest thing in the world! 

It honestly thrills my heart that he loves to learn! 
And I'm so glad he got that trait from his mama! I loved school and I pray that he will too. 


  1. AWANA is a great program! I have been a leader or director or listener and Bible Coach for quite a few years now. There is NO substitute for Bible memorization. You are such a good mom and role model ;)

  2. i did awanas too!!! i was clubber of the year one time!! hahah. He is soooo adorable!! I know you are a proud mama!!!!



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