Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trashy to Classy

This has been a fairly quiet week around here, right? I'm sorry for my absence. Bear with me and I will explain things soon.

Until then, I wanted to share something awesome.... I never thought I'd ever be so excited over something like this.

Ryan and I have pretty amazing friends. (We've mentioned that several times around here.) There is absolutely no way we could pull off this whole boat owner thing without some help. Eddie just so happens to be one of those people.

He found us some beautiful grey carpet to replace that hideous electric blue that came on ours. This carpet is one of the most crucial parts of updating the look of our older Chris Craft.

Eddie came down to help us custom fit the carpet to our boat. 

Then it was sent off to have the edges bound. 

The next evening our carpet came back and Ryan hauled it to the boat! 

We both kept laughing and said this was better than opening a gift on Christmas morning. 

Eddie made us pieces to cover the steps going into the cabin as well as two pieces to cover our dock steps. 
Rug Pilot also has the ability to embroider boat names or logos on them, so I think our boat name will have to be added fairly soon! He can literally take a picture of our boat name and transfer it to the carpet. Y'all know I love custom matchy-matchy everything! 

We laid out the carpet and will be adding some snaps to hold it all down. 

Doesn't that look a million times nicer???

So if you want custom carpet for your boat, contact Eddie! He had patterns for many makes and models. If you're ready to update the look of your boat or simply want to change the color, I'd trust Rug Pilot to do an excellent job! 

I've also got some great options for those of you who aren't boat owners. Rug Pilot also has college game rugs! Ryan actually has a Tennessee rug from Eddie in our Vols themed master bathroom. 

Rare Fact: I am a true South Carolina fan at heart. I pull for Tennessee until they play South Carolina! 

Yes, Rug Pilot has other college choices but I refuse to allow some SEC teams space on this blog. I just simply cannot bring myself to do it! Y'all forgive me.... I'm a serious football fan. 

Got an idea for something else? Contact him and he'll be glad to help you! 
Mention you saw our old blue carpet when you talk to Eddie! 


  1. Looks great! Gray is one of my favorite colors.

    1. Thanks! I am obsessed with the color. It goes with just about anything.



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