Friday, August 23, 2013

Waffle House Healthy???

Sometimes eating out is just unavoidable. But you don't have to sacrifice your eating! 

You can get creative just about anywhere...

Including Waffle House now! 

Ryan and I grabbed dinner at Waffle House this week. He was craving it and I was dreading it. I am absolutely working my butt off (pun definitely intended) and I don't want to sabotage my efforts. 

Luckily I saw some potential options on their menu! 
Some Waffle House locations are serving oatmeal for breakfast. W
e were there for dinner, so I had to keep searching...

I had an omelet with jalapenos and tomatoes. They have a fiesta omelet, but you have to watch out for that processed cheese they throw in it! You can also get just an egg white omelet there now. 

I had wheat toast without butter and a side of tomatoes.  

It was filling, healthy and satisfying all the way around! 
I was happy because I felt like I could still enjoy one of my husband's favorite places to eat. 

In the past I would eat grits loaded with butter and salt, a side of greasy bacon, two pieces of raisin toast smothering in butter, and scrambled eggs with cheese and salt. 
Talk about a diet killer! No wonder I weighed as much as I did! 

Some of you have asked if I ever feel deprived of my favorite foods. 

I honestly do not. There are some days that I crave comfort foods, but I find a way to make them healthier. I never feel like I deprive myself. If I can't make something better, I make sure I splurge in moderation. Sometimes I am really craving an Oreo ice cream bar, so I make Ryan buy one and I take a couple of bites. I still feel like I get my treat, but I don't eat the whole thing and nothing goes to waste. 

I stopped constantly craving junk. Yes, it took a little bit but I don't craving sweets daily anymore. I get them maybe once or twice a month now. I just don't miss them and I am sooo glad! 


  1. love this post! please do more on what you eat when you go out! Cracker barrell is one of my fave places but i always want the bread and mashed potatoes LOL!

  2. I've been so obsessed with eggs lately since it's like almost part of every meal during my challenge. And such a good way to get in veggies!



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