Friday, September 6, 2013

43 Days of Hard Work

Mentally I have been struggling with something. I can't seem to lose any weight. It has been an entire month since I've seen the scale drop. I've put a pound (or four) on just to take it off again.

Y'all know I have been working my behind off too. I was interviewed for a guest post this week and I was asked what my current workout schedule looks like....

So, I've pretty much gone from not working out to pushing myself hard. My body is very capable of handling it and it feels amazing to know that I can accomplish this.

I've been putting in all of this hard work and I expected to see great results on my weight loss. WRONG. Not a pound lost! I've been crying to Ryan all week about it. He's sick of hearing it, I'm sick of living it.

This morning (after I gained half a pound), Ryan told me to go measure and compare it to last month. I grumbled while taking out my tape measure and records.

I honestly thought that I wouldn't see results anywhere else if I wasn't seeing anything on the scale. Yeah, I know so many amazing fitness bloggers tell us otherwise. I know, but still it's just plain hard to grasp. They keep telling me that building muscle can make me lean, but I may not see anything move on the scale. Y'all, I am a prisoner of my scale. That has been my comfort item this entire time. I put all of my trust into that thing.

Ready to hear my results???

My measurements on July 25, 2013:

Bust: 37.5" 
Waist: 31" 
Abdomen: 36" 
Hips: 41.25" 
Right Leg-Upper: 24.75" 
Right Leg - Lower: 20" 
Left Leg - Upper: 24" 
Left Leg - Lower: 18" 
Right Calf: 17" 
Left Calf: 16.5" 
Right Arm: 12.5" 
Left Arm: 12.75" 

My measurements as of September 6, 2013:
Bust: 35.5" (2")
Waist: 28.75" (2.25")
Abdomen: 33" (3")
Hips: 40.5" (.75")
Right Leg - Upper: 22" (2.75")
Right Leg - Lower: 16" (4")
Left Leg - Upper: 22.25" (1.75")
Left Leg - Lower: 16.5" (1.5")
Right Calf: 15.5" (1.5")
Left Calf: 15.75" (.75")
Right Arm: 11.5" (1")
Left Arm: 11.75" (1")

Total Inches Lost: 22.25

43 days total has brought me that kind of loss. I also took a week "off" last week since I was feeling so rotten. I have a little less than 20 days until my butt is planted firmly in the sand at the beach. I'm curious to see what I can do with the time I have until then! 

I'm still struggling with letting go of my desperate dependency on my scale. I have this extreme need to see 100 pounds lost. I'm not sure if it's a possibility. I'm trying to tell myself that as long as my body is smaller, the pounds don't matter. That's a very difficult thing for my mind to process. I have been tied to my scale for years. I'm not letting it go, but I am ready to use other ways of measuring progress. 

At this point, I will gladly accept any kind of progress!!! 

I think the extra Zumba is doing it. I mean that fat is just plain shaking off, friends! Half way into the second hour, I started wondering if my hip was about to cramp up or pop out of socket. Last night I was giving it all I had during the second hour. When I climbed into bed later on, I was so sore. My butt hurt! I whined, cried and fell asleep. When I woke up this morning, I felt fabulous. My body is getting stronger every day! 


  1. I need help with measurements ... I have a couple tutorials somewhere. I just move and the tape shifts an inch right there. It's hard for me to tell a true change.

    I get in oodles of exercise but I have to parcel it out throughout the day, I don't think I could do two hours straight (although I usually get there once you add up all my little workouts). Zumba is another thing I see everyone enjoy but I am SO uncoordinated!

    In addition to inches ... the workouts add to your fitness. It's all good! Still hope the scale shifts at some point (no loss for me this week) as I am very tied to the number there.

    1. I will do a post on measurements next week. Sound good? I have a little chart I use. :)

      I think if you break up your workouts, it works very well too. It keeps your metabolism going!

  2. I don't know if I have posted before or not, but I enjoy your blog!
    You are losing fat and gaining muscle which is why the scale is not moving but you are losing inches. I understand how it is to be dependent on the scale. (I was there once!) The scale is good when you are overweight and needing to lose pounds, but once you reach a healthy weight it is better not to weigh yourself much, or at all, especially if you are working out like you have been. Instead of weighing yourself regularly, measure yourself regularly. Weight is just a number. When I regularly exercised I was around 150 pounds and a size 6-8. Since a back injury I am only able to exercise minimally and although I still weigh around 150 pounds, I wear a 12. If I wanted to get back into my 6 and 8's I would really need to clean up my eating and lose about 20 pounds. (Something which I haven't been able to get myself to do!) Another thing is our bodies have a optimal weight that it functions the best at. Some people may be smaller, some larger, depending on body type. Although we can get below that optimal weight, sometimes it is not the best thing for our body. My optimal weight is about 140-145. I have been down to 120 for a time in my life, but I felt sick and un-energetic all the time. I was constantly picking up some sickness or another. Once I gave up the need to have a small number on the scale I did gain some weight back, but the best I have ever looked and felt was at about that 140 mark. Anyway....sorry for the rambles but I just wanted to say I know what you are going through! Just keep up the clean eating and the exercise and throw out that scale! :-)

    1. Thank you, Becca! That makes so much sense. I'm thinking I'm getting pretty close to that mark.

  3. more than 22 inches gone???? are you kidding me?? that is awesome!!! i like your plan to push yourself harder.. you can do it and break that plateau!

    1. I was totally thinking the same thing as I was measuring! I was all, "Are you freaking kidding me?!?! No WAY!" I actually measured everything twice!

      I am desperately hoping that plateau breaks soon! It's enough to drive me nuts!

  4. that is soooo awesome!!!! u go girl!!!!

  5. I am totally there with you. The two times I did the AdvoCare cleanse I lost like 2 pounds but 7 inches each time and that was just in 10 days, imagine what I could do if I continued to eat like that and workout for another 20 days??? Keep up the great work and try not to let the scale bring you down. I read a very wise quote once, went something like this:

    "An inatimate object that spends it's life on the floor next to your toliet should not be given the power to break your spirit"

    ♥Morgan at Fat to Fit Confessions

  6. And if you could measure something like your resting heart rate, your lung capacity - you might be thrilled! My scale has been "stuck" for two months, but recently I had a checkup and was stunned that my resting heart rate, which was already good, had dropped!! The doc was very impressed with my numbers, even the incremental weight loss, but mostly the lung capacity and heart rate. I had not been tracking those. I had taken measurements when I started in January, but haven't re-checked. So, you have inspired me to take a new reading. And I'll track that one through December. Maybe I'll get results like yours!! Way to go, Soldier Girl!!

  7. Wendy, Put the scale in your car trunk and live without it for at least a week. You can do it. YOU are not a number on a scale!

  8. Wendy, Put the scale in your car trunk and live without it for at least a week. You can do it. YOU are not a number on a scale!

  9. Congratulations !!! Those numbers are amazing. You are letting your scale defeat you when you have so much positive going on. What size have your clothes dropped? Do you not feel better with the inches gone?

    I like what Carla said - live without your scale. It's only a portion of the whole picture. Look at the whole - weight lost, inches lost, sizes lost. You are more than just that one number.

    Congratulations - you are doing an amazing job.

  10. Hey Wendy I found your blog today via Pinterest and I am an Elite Trainer (I have a blog on fitness/eating healthy). I want to say congratulations on your weight loss and all your inches lost! I don't know how much you weigh but you are sporting some good measurements all around and everyone is right, your focus needs to get off the scale and look at your measurements plus BODY FAT percentage. That is a bigger indicator of what is going on in your body. Also, I see your workout routine and I want to stress as much as possible to LIFT WEIGHTS. I don't know how you'll keep up with that amount of time focused on cardio long term. Lifting heavy weights is a key to weight loss, changing the shape of your body, and keeping weight off permanently. When you add muscle you are speeding up your metabolism. I am a fan of cardio (of course) but it does not build muscle. Plus lifting heavy weights helps your body burn calories for 24-48 hours AFTER your workout where cardio helps you burn 4-6 hours after. Changing your workouts is important as well. I just caution that you can get the same results or better by doing 30 minutes of heavy weights as opposed to 2 hours of zumba...if you love zumba keep doing it by all means, just thought I would offer a tip :)

  11. Hey Wendy, This is my first time coming by your blog and you are doing fantastic. I am SO impressed with your weight loss and you have motivated me big time today. Keep at it!!!

    PS: The woman who comment above me also has valid points. Weight circuits are amazing. I do them 3-4 times a week. A lot of women think they will get "big and bulky" if they lift weights, but it is simply not the case. We naturally do not produce enough testosterone to increase our size like that so by lifting weights we just firm our muscle and add definition.

    Keep at it girlfriend!

  12. This is awesome! I think we tend to get too caught up in the weight numbers and can easily forget that muscle actually weighs more than fat! So, like you did, you can easily lose inches but not see any movement on the scale. Keep up the amazing work!
    Thanks for linking up to the Pinworthy Projects Party!

  13. Wow! I so appreciate you sharing this, because I'm a prisoner of my scale, too! I weigh morning, noon and night... and it is deceiving, I know.... It's just hard to shake the habit. Thanks, also, for sharing your workout routine. I'm going to follow it for a few weeks to see what happens for me. :) I love shaking things up a bit!



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