Thursday, September 12, 2013

Active Family

Sometimes it's tough finding the time to work out. Ryan and I enjoy being active, but including Caleb can be tricky! Yes, he's a very active child but he only wants to do things on his terms.

I got a new shirt from Running On The Wall. They know I'm just getting back to my love of running so they sent me this shirt to help encourage me along the way! I love how soft and comfy it is. Running On The Wall sent me the "Celebrate Each Mile" in a medium. 

My husband inspires me to keep going! He's always been in good shape and is very active. My goal is to keep up with him! 

We bring Caleb's bike with us and he will ride about half a mile. We take it at his pace. When he's done with the bike, we take a walk around our old high school. There's plenty to see and we have some inclines. 

With Caleb, we pretty much keep his pace. We stop along the way to check things out, but we keep moving! 

One of my goals is to keep my family moving! Caleb is a big boy and I want him to stay healthy and active. If he's anything like me, he will be able to put on weight easily and I just don't want that to be a big part of his life. I know that what we are doing now will be a habit in his life too. I want him to just consider being active as a family "normal". 

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  1. That is sooo awesome that you have your family involved in being healthy. My hubby started to try to workout consistently when I became pregnant. His schedule allowed it back then. Now his schedule is a kind of crazy so he can't workout. But in the evening, if we are all home together, he and I take the baby for a walk around the park. Baby steps.



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