Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beach Wrap Up

We are home from vacation! 

Ryan, Caleb and I had such an amazing time together. This was our first vacation with just the three of us and it was beyond perfect. I can honestly say this was the best vacation of my life!

Not only did I have my two favorite guys all to myself, I was able to let go and enjoy everything about the trip. I wasn't comparing myself to anyone on the beach. I didn't wonder if my husband thought I was attractive. I didn't sit and watch Ryan and Caleb having fun. 

I played on that beach and in the ocean with my child for hours! I kept up with him the entire time and it felt fabulous! 

Ryan and I spent so much time together. I enjoyed talking to him for hours. We work together, but we're not really around each other much during the day. It was nice to spend that kind of time together. 

I realized that I packed way too many clothes. I never imagined that was possible! For the first time in my entire life, I walked around in my swim suit all day long. No flip flops, no cover ups, nothing but my swim suit. I refused to cover up something I worked so hard for. If we went out, I mostly threw on shorts and a tank top. I have never felt better. Never more confident in my life.

Are there things I want to work on? Yep. Do I have stretch marks on my belly? Yep. Do you think I cared on that trip? Not one little bit.

I set out to have fun and celebrate, so we did! 

I gained four pounds, but I lost two of them already. It was worth every single bit of it. I ate tons of seafood, melted cheese and crab, and ice cream. It was just plain fun! 

(Yes, Ryan helped! I didn't eat all of that myself!)

I did a little shopping at Pier Park. Loved every second of it! 

We drove home, spent the night, and headed out to Tellico for the last couple of days of vacation! 

We took the Jeep and went without the top. It was the perfect weekend for it! 

From the beach to pumpkins in twenty-four hours....


  1. You look AMAZING and confident and glowing in all those pictures of your vacation :)

  2. WOW I can not believe how wonderful you look! A totally different person...I have only just found your blog and you have totally inspired me. I feel like I am currently the OLD YOU who hasn't been happy and is tired of the weight I am and my baby isn't moving or crawling yet BUT when she does I want to be able to enjoy everything with her
    Thank you for sharing your journey and I just cant help but say WOW

    1. I am so glad you're here! I completely understand how you feel. You can do this!



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