Sunday, September 8, 2013


I couldn't wait to share my latest accomplishment! Normally I like being chauffeured around in the boat. I like being in charge of the easier what to feed everyone and making sure the boat looks pretty. From the very beginning Ryan and my dad have said if I could learn to drive our boat, I could drive anything.

Well, obviously I will accept any challenge....

Our boat is unique. She has one engine and it backs only to the left. So there isn't much room for all. She's picky and that's why I like her. I like the quirky.

We went out on the boat Friday and on the way back I decided I was just going to dock it myself. Ryan coached me along and one of our dock friends helped catch. I didn't get her the first time, but I did get her backed into the slip.

It is now my goal to master this whole Christ Craft operation. I just needed a chance to wrap my head around the concept.

My dad taught me how to drive an automatic, a straight shift, and a boat. Ryan taught me how to drive a twin engine boat and a forklift. My dad has always bragged that I can hop on any piece of equipment and run it. 

I love that part of me. 

My husband was so proud of me! 

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