Friday, September 13, 2013

It Works Body Wrap #6

Have I told y'all how much I love Sheri at Cali Girls Body Wraps? Seriously....She is amazing! I took a break from the wraps while I've been on steroids. I detox pretty hard after a wrap (which is a great thing), but I wanted to get through my medication before detoxing again. 

I am beyond thrilled with my results this wrap! I had gained a little with the steroids, but my wrap put me right back where I needed to be! 

Had I not done the wrap, I would have had an absolute fit! I hate taking steroids. The moment my doctor told me what we were doing, I completely spazzed out. I have worked for very hard to lose weight and inches before we go to the beach. The last thing I needed to hear was that I could go back a step. 

And I did....

Until I did another It Works Body Wrap from Cali Girls! This was my life saver this time. I wasn't looking for additional inch loss considering everything my body has been through this time. I just needed to break even and the wraps didn't let me down! 

Every single time I wrap, I am always amazed. 

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