Monday, September 30, 2013

Motivation Monday #21

I am so excited about this week! Tomorrow begins our Holiday Ready Challenge with Emily! I am beyond thrilled because we have an amazing group of ladies. I think we're going to see big changes this month and I cannot wait to share mine with you. 

I've got some exciting things coming up! Today Ryan and I started Insanity as part of my Holiday Ready Challenge. At this point, I am simply praying I can make it through. That mess is tough! I will show our progress along the way.... Yes, you read that correctly. My husband is sharing his too! 

Ryan has really jumped on the healthy living thing with me too. I am so happy to know that my healthy changes have inspired someone very close to me. He's also given me permission to share more of his healthy lifestyle changes along the way! 

Here are the co-hosts for Motivation Monday:

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Veronica @ V Watts' Thoughts
Morgan @ Fat to Fit Confessions
Tiff @ The Fit Train
Katie @ The Carb Monster
Alisha @ Coily Locks

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Alexia, writer at Infinitely Indecisive, linked up with us.  She got some super cute running shoes last week and I can't wait to see how she likes them. Hop over and say hi to Alexia! 

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Y'all know I just got back from vacation. Before leaving, I was determined to stay on track with my healthy eating. I struggle with allowing myself to get off track. I've worked so hard and I am afraid of slipping up. 

My husband urged me to just ease up a bit during our vacation. He really put things into perspective for me. I've spent two years working my butt off, but I can afford to take one week off. 

So, I did. And it was freeing. I gained four pounds, but over the weekend I lost two. And I'm actually okay with that. I'm back on track today and I still had so much fun on vacation. 

We stayed at a condo so we could prepare most of our food there. I think that's one reason why I didn't go completely overboard. I stayed active while playing with my little boy too. 

Sometimes it's important to take a break....focus on the special things in life...and just enjoy the experience!

Now it's time to get back to work....

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  1. What is the Holiday ready challenge?

  2. What is the Holiday ready challenge?


      We start one tomorrow, but I am hoping to have another on November 1st. Would you be interested?

  3. YAY WENDY! You are going to rock it this month :) So happy to be working so close with you this month! I love being in the midst of a celebrity

  4. what a great post! your family looks great! and thank you very much for the feature! <3 :)



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