Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ugly Run

Working out after a sinus infection is just plain rough, y'all!

I was super ambitious last night, but that mess just wasn't happening.

I jogged a little and then had sharp pains throughout my stomach.

Every time I jogged, then pains were there.

I finished three miles and it wasn't pretty at all!

I was still proud because at least I did something. I was really hoping to sweat the rest of this sinus infection out of my system.

The last laps Ryan and I alternated between sprinting and walking. 

I was surprised I could actually run that fast! 

Ryan easily out runs me, but I just didn't care! 

The pains in my stomach are still there. Not nearly as bad as yesterday... 

My legs and hips aren't sore so I think that's definitely a plus! 

1 comment:

  1. I hate running at my gym when I have any lung or throat issue. They always have the air conditioning on full blast which makes the issue ten times worse. Then I am out of commission.
    Kudos to you for running with a sinus infection.



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