Friday, October 11, 2013

Circus 2013

The Shriner's Circus is in town this week. We have taken the kids for the last few years. 

They actually love the clowns. Me? Not so much. 

Tara and I took the kids to ride the elephant which is always the highlight of their circus experience. 
We noticed other adults riding this year and we were all "How often do you get to ride an elephant???" 
So we bought tickets. 

It's actually kinda scary. That baby was tall! 

And Caleb held onto Zoey for the camel ride. 

I love that all of the proceeds go to the Shriners. 
Those elephant and camel rides were pricey, but as long as they go to helping others I'm all for it! 

The kids were so hyped up on sugar and they only had brief moments of exhaustion. 

My poor child could not sit still, but he really had a nice time. 

The people around us? Maybe not so much....

My sweet husband endures the wildness out of me and Caleb every year. I swear Caleb and I are the biggest kids when it comes to this stuff. 

Our circus visits over the years...

The middle picture was last year. My face looked a lot better, but I still had quite the chubby tummy. I am happy that I can steadily see progress. It's not drastic, but it's something. 

I'm so glad that I'm not the girl on the left anymore! 

My shirt last night said "Will run for chocolate"! It's part of my Hot Chocolate 15/5K swag pack. I'll show you the other stuff soon. I am absolutely in love with the shirt. It is soooo soft. 

Don't forget I'm giving away one entry to the Hot Chocolate 15/5K of your choice! 

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