Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Disney on Ice

Last week Ryan and I surprised Caleb with tickets to Disney on Ice Princesses and Heroes. 
Once he found out, he was beyond excited....and silly...and wild. 

Disney on Ice was right beside the college I graduated from. Caleb got to see where his mom went to school for the first time. I love showing him stuff like that. 

Once we walked through the door, we realized that this was about to get expensive...

Of course Caleb wanted the light up toy that cost the most! 
$22 for a moment of happiness...Seriously insane. 

But...it was worth seeing the pure joy on his face. 
(I honestly don't see how families with multiple kids can go to places like this. It must be a never ending battle/whine session every single time.)

I'm not really sure who was more excited to see all of the Disney characters....think it may have been me....

When it was all over I asked Caleb what his favorite part was...

Without hesitation he told me that he liked Ursula the Sea Witch (from The Little Mermaid) best. 

Seriously? He liked the Disney villain better than all of the prince overload? 

Sure enough...


  1. Replies
    1. I really enjoyed it! I felt like such a kid again.

  2. Caleb is so cute :) looks like you all had a great time



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