Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Everything and Nothing

I have fragments of pieces of life right now....Just been one of those kind of weeks.....

  • The last time I went to an All You Can Eat buffet, I literally got shoved out of the way by a woman three times my size. I was reaching for veggies....she was reaching for the fresh batch of fried chicken....the odds were not in my favor. 
  • Said incident caused me to swear off big buffet chains. I'll stick to my Souper Salad buffet any day! It's not like someone's gonna cut you out of the line for reaching for the fresh carrots at the same time. 
  • Normally my husband would defend my honor if I got pushed around....he totally wasn't going after chicken lady. She scared all two hundred pounds of him...
  • My kid weighs officially one third of what I do. I think that's pretty dang awesome! I've never been able to say that before. I can remember thinking it was awesome when I'd lost as much as he weighs, but this is even better! 
  • I realize that I've lost a lot of fat this month and am building muscle (finally) with my Insanity workouts and Shakeology. What I didn't expect was the extra estrogen released back into my system when the fat was burnt. Talk about a hormonal hot mess, y'all. Feel sorry for every single person around me, 'kay? 
  • I've lost so much weight that my wedding rings fell right off my fingers. The first time it happened, I was reaching into a metal file cabinet and heard them drop off. I never felt it happen. Scared me to death. 
  • When I was my largest, I wore a tight size 6 ring. Couldn't take them on or off very easily. When I was in high school, I wore a 5.5 size ring. Last night, my rings were being sized to a 5. A 4.5 slides over my knuckles, just barely, so we went with a 5 to account for any possible swelling. 
  • I feel so naked without my rings. I feel like I'm almost cheating on my husband by having them off. I haven't taken them off much over the last 5 years. Longer if you count just wearing my engagement ring. 
  • I had to take them off the entire time at the beach because we were so afraid I would lose them. They're like my security blanket. I didn't realize how many times I spin them on my finger carelessly over the course of the day. As I started to fall asleep last night, I realized that part of what puts me to sleep is spinning them on my finger until I fall asleep. Never realized I did that....
  • My husband so proudly blurted out to the lady in the jewelry store, "My wife needs to get her rings sized. She's lost a ton of weight!" I grinned like an idiot because my husband said it so proudly and so loudly. Then I blushed as she congratulated me. You never get used to it. 
  • We walked around the mall a while last night. I've never had the chance to window shop and actually envision myself wearing anything displayed. Normally, I'd head towards all of the more conservative clothes. Now I walk past a storefront seeing the latest styles and I can easily pick things I'd wear. 
  • I have been looking for a certain tunic in orange and white for football season. Finally found one last night. The style was right, the colors were right, the price was right. Didn't have it in my size. All too big. Normally it's the other way around. Go figure! 
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True story...

Told you it was all kinda random today. Sorry! My mind seems to be all over the place this week. My brain is working overtime and it's just plain exhausting. I've tried wearing myself out with Insanity and Zumba, but it doesn't seem to be working...

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  1. When I started this weight-loss journey, I outweighed my 18 year old son. We have a digital Fitbit Aria scale and I told my son it was my goal that it wouldn't be able to tell us apart (if two registered users are within 10 pounds of each other it will have to ask). I've been happy to say I weigh less than my 18 year old now. I hope now to drop enough that the scale can tell it's ME, not him.

    Kids grow fast. One day your son will outweigh you!

  2. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing the #FFavorite love! Congrats on the weight loss, that is an adorable story about your husband ;)



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