Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Face Off

I was born in South Carolina and I've always considered myself a fan of the Gamecocks. I pulled for them way before Steve Spurrier became the coach. I've seen that team go from nothing to actually being ranked. I've always wanted to see South Carolina and Tennessee play, my two very favorite teams. I finally got the opportunity to see them this past weekend! 

I joked with everyone for weeks about what color and what team I was going to pull for. Ryan told me there was absolutely no way I was wearing anything but orange! I seriously debated, but in the end I knew what color I'd be wearing...

Tennessee was the unranked underdogs of the day, but I knew I had to pull for my Vols. 
We stopped for a quick breakfast before going to our first Vol Walk. 

Ryan, my dad and my great uncle David went with me. 

We were told to show up early to get a good spot for the Vol Walk. We got a spot right in the front! 

Butch Jones walked through the streets and it was an absolute mad house of energy! 

I got to high five Justin Worley, Rajion Neal, and Marquez North. 
I thought that was going to be the highlight of the Vol Walk, but I was so wrong...

I had no idea that over 200 former Vols were right behind the team. 
The one and only Johnny Majors was literally two feet from me. 

I literally stood in the crowd with my mouth wide open as these amazing former players walked right by. 

Side Note: Had Peyton Manning been a part of this Vol Walk, someone would have had to pry me off the man. Possibly a police officer. Oh, how I love that man. 

When the wind blew and the clouds were out, we just about froze! 

I honestly thought Tennessee would do okay against the number eleven team in the country. I figured they'd hang in there, but I never expected those boys to come out fighting like they did. Tennessee just didn't let up! I have never been in a stadium that loud. The fans were just unreal! 

When Tennessee won in the last three seconds of the game, Ryan and I were flipping out! 
Ryan thought he was going to be sick, I was in shock, and we were clutching to one another as it finally sank in! The Vols won! No one moved from their seats and the players took the field. 

Walking out of the stadium in a sea of Orange, the fans chanted. It was awesome to see the fans finally get to celebrate an epic win over a ranked team. 

If you're friends with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, I apologize for all of the orange! It's not every day your two favorite teams face off and the underdog wins. It's not every day you see Johnny Majors walking with the Vols. And I finally got to see it all! 


  1. great post! i grew up in miami as a hurricanes fan (with a natural dislike for spurrier and the gators), but after spending the last seven years in grad school at usc i made the conversion to the gamecock nation. i hated to see them lose last week, but as a fan of football in general i love to watch a good game no matter who wins. cool you got to see it in person. plus, johnny majors!

  2. Looking good Wendy! I've been considering moving to Tennessee for the longest time, maybe I will. :)



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