Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Holiday Ready Challenge Menu - Week 1

The Holiday Ready Challenge has officially started! 

(For those of you who were wanting in but didn't get the chance...We are hoping for another opportunity to participate in November. So stick with us! The group of ladies this month is absolutely phenomenal! I cannot wait to see the changes in everyone there.)

I thought I would share this week's menu with everyone here. I am doing Insanity and drinking Shakeology. When I received my Insanity program, it came with some meal planning ideas and instructions. For Insanity, I have to really increase my calorie intake each day. This is something totally new and uncomfortable for me.

I've stayed in the same lower calorie range for two years. Here comes this amazing program asking me to change it all. That's just tough. There's a lot of fear there too. I'm almost scared to eat more. What if it doesn't work right? What if I gain?

I know I have a good chance of gaining some because I'm building muscle. But that's still kinda scary, you know?

I'm going to take a huge leap of faith here.

#eatclean #weightloss #fitmom #budget #recipe

I'm sticking with clean eating. I am using some of my tried and true recipes, but I'm also introducing new ones. Y'all have been going nuts over my clean eating menus. I can't believe they have been pinned so much! Thank you for that!

Go ahead and pin this one. I will post the recipes here as I do them as well.


Veggie Frittata
Balsamic Vinegar Chicken
Cilantro Baked Trout
Lime Avocado Chicken 
Venison Chili
Healthy Chili Mac


  1. I love chicken and avocado together, the lime sounds very interesting with it! We need to get back to whole foods only. I'm feeling the droop after indulging in the processed stuff served elsewhere.



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