Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tellico Party

This weekend we had our Halloween party in Tellico. 

Caleb wanted so badly to be a fireman this year. 
I'm pretty sure he just wanted the ax. 

Ryan was a vampire and I added a bite mark to my neck. 
He drove me absolutely nuts with his whole Dracula impression. 

My parents were clowns and Zoey was a little bumblebee! 

Tara was an angel. 

Ryan, Dad and Caleb added a crime scene...

They thought they were hilarious! 

Ryan, Caleb and I took a long trail ride in the Jeep on Saturday. 
It was absolutely beautiful and were able to see some pretty Fall colors. 

Five minutes into the ride, Caleb was completely out. 
It was kinda nice to have a long quiet ride through the woods! 

My favorite picture from the weekend...

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