Thursday, October 24, 2013


My child is always the wild one in a crowd. He's the one jumping off of things and causing his mama to have panic attacks. He has this whole super hero invincibility complex going on these days. Combine that with his fearless personality and we're bound to have accidents.

We have been so fortunate that Caleb has waited almost four years to have a play ground accident.

I was finishing lunch when I got the call that Caleb had face planted on the playground.

The bridge of his nose was swollen and under his eyes got a little dark. 
But the first thing I noticed was his poor skinned nose! 

The pediatrician wanted to check him out and we spent the afternoon at the doctor's office. 

Luckily, we have no broken bones or teeth. 
Just a bruised, skinned nose to show off. 

The doctor spent about two minutes watching my wild child before handing me a piece of paper showing what to do in the event of a head injury. He simply looked at me and said, "You're going to need this." 

This is just the first of many because that child is all boy. He's rough and tough and sometimes he does crazy things. But it's part of what makes him special. 

Dinner was in the crockpot for when we got home. Caleb got his belly full, I gave him a nice long bath, got his nose doctored up, and we settled in for family movie night. About twenty minutes into the movie, he was sound asleep on the couch at 7:30. He was absolutely exhausted from his wild day. 


  1. Ah boys ... I have five and we've had our share on injuries. Skinned noses are actually kind of cute I think! I was so sad when I got "the call" a couple weeks ago. My youngest was my only unbroken boy ... he's now sporting an orange cast for the month of October.

    Glad it wasn't more serious. You don't want to lose teeth prematurely, and mouths when cut can bleed SO much!

  2. poor baby!!! how scarry for a mama!! glad he is ok!!!

  3. I have an almost 4 year old wild boy as well. I don't know how to explain him except he is ALL boy and he is crazy! People don't usually understand what I mean. He thinks he is a ninja warrior and likes to jump off of everything and dive roll on the ground.....that is his newest thing. He makes us laugh so hard though and his imagination is starting to thrive so all his boy games he plays just make me smile. He is so hard to deal with sometimes but those wild boys tend to have the softest hearts....his sweet personality and dimpled smile melt my heart everytime.

  4. Oh my, that had to hurt! I have raised 3 boys so I understand. My oldest was the wild one and still is. He is having surgery on his ACL next week. Not sure if he tore it in a basketball game or when he went to Spain and "ran with the bulls". So, all I can say is "Get used to it".



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