Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Attention College Students!!

Soon colleges will begin their Spring semesters after the holidays. I was always a planner and had all of my books and supplies purchased as soon as I possibly could.  My husband lovingly jokes about how he married a nerd... and he's completely right! 

I realize I have quite a few friends who are attending college next semester. I can remember walking into the campus bookstore, searching through stacks of books for the ones I needed, and walking out broke! I remember spending over $900 on books just one semester in college. Guys, I graduated over seven years ago and I'm sure the prices haven't gotten much better.

Y'all know I love to share a great deal with you when I find one. If I were still in college I would seriously consider renting my college textbooks. I wish a million times they offered something like this while I was in school.

By renting you can save 40-90% versus buying from your campus bookstore.

Ready to learn more?

Campus Book Rentals is an online company who actually rents college textbooks! Not only will they save you money, but they offer free shipping both ways! You can highlight in these books and their rental periods are flexible. What's not to love?

One of the best reasons I like this company is that they also donate a portion of the textbook rentals to Operation Smile. They have donated over 1,000 cleft lip surgeries this year to children in need. The last time I purchased college books, I know none of my money directly helped children in need.

Also, if you have textbooks that the campus bookstore didn't buy back or you never got around to taking back in they offer another great program! At Rent Back you can actually rent your own textbooks to other students. You can earn two to four times more versus selling your books back each semester. What college student doesn't need a little extra cash?


  1. My oldest is a senior ... we'll have this happening soon enough. I managed to make it through college on academic scholarship, for the first couple years even books were included as part of it! I'm wondering at what point textbooks will turn digital and how that might affect costs ...

    1. I had a full scholarship for tuition, but had to buy my books. I cannot imagine how people pay for the whole thing! It's just unreal!

      I'd love to see the digital textbooks and I'm sure there are some out there already. Bookstores will have a fit though!

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