Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Busy Mom!

Yesterday was my little boy's fourth birthday. Four years ago, the best thing in my life happened. My child has taught me so much! If it weren't for Caleb, I may not have ever conquered my battle with obesity. He's the reason for it all and he has helped me so much along the way. Two years ago, I decided life would change. I was determined to become a better mother by taking care of myself. 

For his birthday, I took mini-cupcakes to school for his class. The little boys sitting at his table had to tell me about all of their super hero toys. I absolutely love that I'm a boy mom! There's never a dull moment. 

Caleb and I went on a date for his birthday dinner. It wasn't fancy, but we had fun! 

The weather has turned super cold this week, so Ryan had to make sure our camper and boat were both winterized yesterday. He had a really long day and we were glad to see him when he got home. 

After Caleb went to bed, I got the chance to participate in the Sweat Pink Healthy Moms chat. I was so nervous, but it ended up being pretty cool. Kinda like talking to really good friends over Skype. 

I was most definitely the most Southern girl in the group. Those sweet ladies probably got a kick out of my accent. I know I did when I re-watched it! I think one of the best things about sharing my story is getting to meet so many amazing people. I've been able to hear some wonderful stories along the way and I love hearing how other people make a healthy lifestyle work. 

I come across so many people who think I'm brave for sharing all of my story here. What most don't realize is how this blog has kept me on track. I've met so many people who have offered great advice. All of the kind words and support have really helped me break through all of my struggles and plateaus. I don't think I'd have been nearly as successful with out everyone here! 

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