Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween '13

We have candy overload at our house!

Every Halloween we take Caleb to our church for Trunk or Treat. 
Zoey went with us and we had so much fun! 

I absolutely love that my child knows so many people at church. We joke about it, but I promise he knows more people than I do! Nothing makes me happier than knowing that Ryan and I are raising our child in such a loving, supportive atmosphere with amazing people. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful role models in my child's life. 

After leaving the church, we took the kids to my parents for some old fashioned trick or treating! 

My dad is such a good grandfather to those two kids. I always imagined my dad would be just like my own grandfather when it came to Caleb and I was completely right. It's fun seeing the similarities and I know they have such a special relationship. 

I just love his classic Caleb smile! 

Then we stopped by Ryan's parents' to trick or treat! 
This was actually his first time going to Nana and Pa's on Halloween. 
They're normally at church with us, but I was so happy to get to experience this with them. 

And in true grandparent fashion, Caleb got to eat an entire box of gummies. 

Nana was rewarded with about twenty kisses for all of the candy and gum. 
Yes, my child can be bought. 

I still can't believe how big he's gotten. This year was so much fun because he has finally gotten into the whole idea of Halloween. The weather was crummy, but we still had lots of fun! 


  1. So was your trunk or treat inside the church (not out of car trunks?) ... that is how our church activity has been for several years, but THIS year they did actually do the car trunk thing.

    Lots of candy at our house too!

    1. It was this year because we had rain, but normally it's outside. We enjoyed it more this year because it weaved all through the church. I think it's a great way to show all of the things our church offers to visitors.



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