Saturday, November 9, 2013


My brother just doesn't seem to ever want to take my advice. 

 I think it goes back to when we were kids.... 

I convinced him it would be hilarious to stick a bead inside his nose. I had no idea he was going to suck it into his nasal passage. Pure panic set in and my mom had to remove it with needle nose pliers. 

I think it may have scarred him for life or something. 

I'm pretty sure that's about the time that he stopped listening to anything I had to say. 

This week, we all got together at my brother's home. The guys hung new garage doors while we stuffed goodie bags for Caleb's birthday party. After my parents left, we decided to play pool in my brother's basement. 

The kids played while we spent time together. 

Ryan, my sister in law, and my niece left the room and that's when things got ugly. 

My brother set up the t-ball set and told Caleb he could hit the ball. 

I told Brian it was a really bad idea, but he insisted Caleb could hit the ball. 

He said, "Wendy, it's just a basement. He can't hurt anything. Zoey does it all the time!" 

Poor little Caleb was standing there looking at us and was trying to decide if he should do it or not. 

While I was telling Brian that it really wasn't a good idea, Caleb took the opportunity to hit the ball. 

Line drive..... Straight to my face! 

Brian's jaw dropped and he said, "I didn't think he could do it that hard!"

I was in shock and poor Caleb kept saying, "I'm so sorry, mama!" 

I had tears running down my face because it hit me so hard and I couldn't stop laughing. 

I mean, what are the odds that this almost four year old little kid is going to make contact the very first time? 
What are the odds that he's going to hit it so dang hard? 
And what are the odds that it aimed right at my face? 

There was plenty of room for him to hit it anywhere, but instead it hits me right in the nose/mouth area! 

I made a video of him actually hitting the ball so y'all can see that I'm really not being overly dramatic! 

Even though I got lip's kinda swollen and my nose is really sore... I'm still really proud and excited my kid can hit like that! 

And Caleb learned an important lesson last night: 
It's probably not a good idea to listen to Uncle Brian either. 


  1. Oh boy! You got a baseball player for sure!

  2. Haha! At least a lesson was learned. Good thing you didn't have a total Marcia Brady moment and end up with a broken nose. Get that kiddo on a team quick!



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